Shapiro on All-Time-Low Oscars Ratings: Hollywood Lectures on Morality ‘Highly Irritating’

Monica Sanchez | March 6, 2018
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Conservative commentator and author Ben Shapiro is not surprised by the record-low ratings the Oscars had this year.

He said in an interview with Fox News on Tuesday that Hollywood has become increasingly more disconnected from “the common American.”

Not to mention getting lectured on morality by out-of-touch movie stars as Hollywood experiences “one of the greatest scandals they’ve had in a century” is “highly irritating,” said Shapiro.

"When they put what they think is the best of Hollywood on display, it's what they think spits the most in the eye of the common American," Shapiro said, noting how there hasn't been a Best Picture winner since 2004 that was in the top 10 at the box office.

"So there's this great divide in Hollywood between the movies that actually earn money and movies that people want to see, and movies that Hollywood wants to show us that they make… No wonder people aren't tuning in,” he continued.

Shapiro said that he didn’t tune in on Sunday to save himself from all of the hypocrisy.  

"That's highly irritating, I think, to most Americans, and it should be," he said. "Again, this is Hollywood patting itself on the back at same time Hollywood is experiencing one of the greatest scandals that they've had in a century."

The 90th annual Academy Awards was the least-watched Oscars in history.

Fox News reports, “According to Nielsen, 26.5 million people watched the Oscars, down six million from last year and drastically fewer than the 43.7 million who tuned in just four years ago.”

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