Sen. Bill Cassidy Censured By Baton Rouge GOP For Voting In Support Of Impeachment Trial

Sergie Daez | February 11, 2021
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Members of Congress are ideally elected to do what their constituents want. Apparently, the GOP adherents in Louisiana didn’t want former President Donald Trump to be impeached.

According to the Epoch Times, Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) was censured by the section of his party based in East Baton Rouge on Wednesday for voting in support of the impeachment trial of Donald Trump. 

The resolution censuring Cassidy stated:

...his vote yesterday to allow the impeachment fiasco to continue was a betrayal of the people of Louisiana and a rebuke to those who supported President Trump and him. THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Republican Party of East Baton Rouge Parish that we condemn Senator Cassidy’s actions in the strongest manner.  He does not represent the people of this state or the Republican Party.  He represents himself and has joined with some of the most dishonest and disreputable forces in our country to be part of this despicable sham.

Cassidy saw no signs of treachery in his actions.

“I took an oath to uphold the constitution," Cassidy said. "A constitutional conservative takes that oath seriously. So, if I’m here to uphold the constitution, I’m upholding it. I’m doing my job.”

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But according to Jason Miller, Trump’s former presidential campaign senior adviser, Cassidy is in fact going against the Constitution. Miller said the following in an interview with Fox News:

This entire trial is unconstitutional. The fact of the matter is the Constitution very clearly spells out the only point of impeachment is to remove someone from office. Well, President Trump is already out of office. So for the Democrats to go and push this, it's pretty clear it's just a vindictive effort to try to beat him up for future elections.

Miller went on to say that the First Amendment was just as much as on trial as Trump, pointing to the hypocrisy of the Democrats.

"In fact, I think you're going to see this week where a number of Democratic senators, in fact, most of them have used far worst language and much more actual inciteful rhetoric," Miller said, "and when you compare that, we would have to go and impeach half, maybe or two-thirds of the Senate Democratic caucus if we were go by the Democrat standard."

Cassidy also asserted that he voted to continue the trial due to the incompetence of Trump’s lawyers. 

I always said I’d be an impartial juror. Anyone listening to those arguments would recognize that the House managers were focused. They relied upon precedent, upon the opinion of legal scholars. Anyone who listened to President Trump’s legal team saw they were unfocused, they attempted to avoid the issue, and they talked about everything but the issue at hand.