School Board Members & College Profs Caught Bragging About Indoctrinating Students With 'Social Justice, All Day, Every Day'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | May 2, 2021
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Among the few silver linings of the unconstitutional COVID lockdown "clouds," one of the brightest has been the transgressive parade of extremely obnoxious politicians and media elites exposing themselves on Zoom or live-stream meetings open to public view. And by “exposing” one doesn’t necessarily mean the ugly thought of leftist media darling Jeffrey Toobin literally doing so. One can mean exposing their deep-rooted psychopathy, hypocrisy, arrogance, and collectivist philosophy, and, again, thanks to Zoom, we have another prime example.

It comes to us by way of Illinois, where a pair of Roosevelt University professors who also serve on a local school board just got caught celebrating the fact that at the University, one professor can drum collectivist “social justice” ideology into the minds of students “all day, every day.”

Reporter April Bamburg gives us an overview, via West Cook News:

Two Roosevelt University professors who also serve on the Oak Park and River Forest High School school board were caught on an open Zoom call bragging about how they promote Marxist re-organization of American society to their college students.

Nice. Who needs old-time network TV when video-conferencing provides the zany antics of Roosevelt instructors and school board members Gina Harris and Ralph Martire bragging about how great it is to ceaselessly preach collectivist “social justice” in class? 


At the outset of the call, Martire asks Harris what she’s teaching at the university. She replies, “Well, I'm teaching middle school theory and practice, basically” -- terminology that raises red flags to anyone familiar with the way “teaching degrees” are handed out to relatively poor academic performers with inadequate knowledge of subject matter but plenty of collectivist “communitarian teaching” pedagogy under their belts.

But Martire seems to like that, gushes about the university, and says:

I'm so glad you're there, too, you fit in so well with their, you know, the university's philosophy and mission. Right.

To which Harris replies:

I mean, it's all social justice. All day, every day. I get to talk about all the things I love, all the time.

And the beaming Martire agrees:

All day, every day!

Social Justice ideology, all day, every day…

That might come as a surprise to some of the prospective students visiting the Roosevelt University webpage for its “MA in Middle School Education,” because, for some peculiar reason, “Social Justice – All Day, Every Day” isn’t listed in a course or field description.

Not to worry. Martire is delighted, and chimes in about his own work bringing about what he must see as “justice” by reshaping society according to collectivist political means that’s worked sooo well in places like the USSR, North Korea, China, and Venezuela.

Says Dear Leader, Martire:

Yeah. I always flip out the kids that take my master's class on fiscal policy and public budgets when the first three or four classes are devoted to philosophy of social justice and how you organize society. We don't talk about one, you know, budgetary item. They're like, Oh, man. Professor Martire, this is a really weird way to teach a budget! Hahahah!

As Bamburg notes for West Cook News:

Martire, a Roosevelt professor of public policy and public administration, said the way he views government budgets is through a lens on how to use them to ‘organize society.’ 

And we’ve never seen that kind of thing before in the world…

’If you don't understand your values, you can't allocate resources among public priorities that are scarce, but all needed. Right?’ Martire said. 


Which brings us to another silver lining in this bizarre collectivist Zoom-COVID-lockdown-leftist-self-exposure phenomenon. It shows us the difference between the great conceit of collectivism and the Golden-Rule-respect of individualism, and how the former always fails economically while the latter allows living standards to rise, every time it’s tried.

One of the mental traps of collectivism is its promoters’ belief that resources and wealth are not just limited, but that they are static, fixed, and must be managed by a central authority to make things “fair.”

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Adherents to individualist philosophy and peaceful market economics know the truth: that since valuation is subjective, and since people have different skills and interests, freedom allows for individual choice to divide labor, maximize individual productivity, create surplus, allow for trade, see prices attached to the traded goods and services, see competitors work to reduce costs, see even greater bounty, and to see resource discovery and even MORE bounty than ever imagined by the collectivist central planners.

And Mr. Martire’s statement about “your values” is a collectivist assumption that his values will be yours. He will make it so, through the power of government.

It sure is great to think he’s teaching kids, isn’t it?

Indeed, not only are Martire and Harris teachers at tax-subsidized Roosevelt University (by the way, Roosevelt also admits to receiving $1,463,739 in unconstitutional federal CARES act funding), Harris is a public school teacher connected to the biggest teacher’s union on the planet.

Because nothing says “justice” like forcing parents and non-parents to pay taxes into a rotten, government-run educational swamp.

Writes Bamburg:

Harris, in addition to teaching at Maywood Elementary, is a liaison officer between the nation's largest teacher's union, the National Education Association, as well as its state affiliate the Illinois Education Association.

And Martire is deeply ensconced in Illinois and local government parasitism, as well:

Martire, a lobbyist, runs the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability, an economic ‘think tank’ funded by the state's public employee unions. It advocates in Springfield for higher taxes, more debt and spending and higher government employee salaries.

Adds Bamburg:

Martire has written a (sic) union-friendly K-12 bills. In his 2019 run for school board, Martire was criticized for what some believed were conflicts of interest.

So, once more, despite the political, bureaucratic, media, and police-sourced attacks on liberty we’ve seen tied to COVID hysteria, we also see one positive side: the exposure of deeply-rooted collectivist leeches who not only suck at the surplus and bounty the free market creates, but who get on camera to laugh and chat happily about it and then gush about trying to inculcate others in the same immoral, destructive philosophy.

It is, indeed, a silver lining to a time of very dark clouds. Let’s be sure to remember the information and spread it around.

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