Sanctions, Shmanctions: 'Russia State-Backed Energy Firm' Sees Record Profits, Negating Biden's 'Power Moves'

Nick Kangadis | September 2, 2022
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Remember when divisive President Joe Biden banned and placed sanctions on everything Russian months ago, early in 2022? And remember how Bolshevik Beijing Biden caught flack for banning and sanctioning everything Russian but their oil, which was and is the chief driver of their economy?

And if you’ll also recall, Biden then signed a sanction against Russian and Belarus back in April that prohibited “energy imports from Russia, including oil, coal and natural gas,” as reported by CNN.

Well, it turns out that the one thing Biden initially neglected to sanction, and then subsequently sanction so that essentially only our country didn’t get Russian energy imports, is the thing that is bringing in record profits for at least one Russian “state-backed energy firm.”

According to The Guardian:

Russian state-backed energy firm Gazprom is poised to hand a bumper £8.6bn payout to the Kremlin after notching up record profits.

The company reported a net profit of 2.5tn roubles (£35.8bn) for the first six months of this year. Oil and gas prices soared during that period, pushed higher by concerns over supplies after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The Kremlin owns 49.3% of Gazprom and will share in a 1.21tn rouble payout, after its board proposed a 51.03 rouble per ordinary share payout to investors. The decision will be put to shareholders at an extraordinary general meeting on 30 September.

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The article also called the news of Gazprom’s record profits as “a setback in the west’s efforts to choke off the Russian economy through sanctions.

After his disgraceful display in Philadelphia on Thursday evening, essentially condemning nearly 75 million Americans in an unprecedented move in our history, Biden and his regime have yet another failure on their record that they’ll probably continue to blame on everyone but themselves.

No matter how you feel about Russian President Vladimir Putin, there’s no doubt anymore that the person currently identifying as the U.S. President isn’t much better., if at all.

Looks like, for one of the very rare times, the U.S. looks to be on the wrong side of history.


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