Global Leaders Invoke WWII 'Austerity' Rhetoric to Justify Economy-Killing Policies

P. Gardner Goldsmith | August 29, 2022
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Have you noticed a disturbing trend among collectivist political “leaders,” especially those “leading” nation-states where previous generations suffered terrible government-imposed shortages and austerity measures during World War II?

They’re bringing back the wartime “we’re all going to endure hardship, for the greater good” rhetoric.

Curiously, I just finished writing a novel set in WWII-era Bath, England, and so I’m acutely familiar with the kinds of slogans and mandates (and the politically-connected circumvention of them) tied to the wartime “Allied” governments and the sacrifices people made “for the cause.”

But there seem to be two contemporary “Great Causes,” which the current leaders of many former “Allied Nations” of WWII have embraced: "Climate Change" and "Russia!" -- both of which are red herrings to distract problems of their own governments’ creation.

This is particularly noticeable when looking at recent political agendas and statements made by the French President and the UK Prime Minister, both of whom appear to be using the smokescreen of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict (which they and the U.S. have helped perpetuate through massive injections of military and monetary aid) to hide the disastrous way their energy blocks against Russia and their green agendas are burning up their own economies.

France 24 English” on August 24 tweeted video of French President Emmanuel Macron warning people to prepare for some kind of strange, amorphously-sourced, economic trouble, and they attached their quick overview:

“Emmanuel #Macron warned of sacrifices ahead and foreshadowed the ‘end of abundance’ at his first cabinet meeting following the summer break. ‘What we are living through is a time of great upheaval.’"

Great “upheaval” – or a “build-back-better” Great Reset, a-la Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum?

And just why would free people have to worry? After all, when left to make their own choices in competitive markets that aren’t savaged by inflated fiat currencies, taxes, energy restrictions, “regulations,” tariffs, licensing statutes, and sundry other government shakedowns, truly liberated competitive market participants provide more abundance at lower cost.

So, just why would people anywhere have to expect “the end of abundance,” unless Macron were involved in directing the burdensome arms of the French leviathan to end it?

Le Monde AFP reports:

“French President Emmanuel Macron warned Wednesday that France faced "sacrifices" in a new era marked by climate change and instability caused by Russia's invasion of Ukraine that signalled ‘the end of abundance’.”

Are those really the causes?

Just how much has the “climate” changed – and since when?

If one looks at Al Gore’s infamous, Michael Mann-created “hockey stick graph” used in “An Inconvenient Truth,” one realizes that the word “truth” is, well, loose terminology, to say the least. More than a decade ago, a British judge ruled that the film was so fact-strained, it could not be shown to students in government-run schools unless a warning about the problems was attached.

Mann, at the time a professor at the University of Virginia, and Gore made sure not to show viewers the temps before their graph “records” them. (Those temps were from the Medieval Warm Period, and would have undercut their narrative that Earth was super-chill until the introduction of the internal combustion engine.)

Mann also was implicated in the Climategate I and Climategate II controversies, which seemed to indicate that he and other climate researchers (in particular, people at the University of East Anglia, in England) communicated with each other regarding how to manipulate data to fit their climate-scare narrative.

And how does one compare temps recorded with readers put on airport tarmacs, and possibly corrupted?

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How is there an emergency in this world of unreliable, possibly manipulated temperature data when, as The Heartland Institute reported last year, temperature-related deaths have been on the decline?

And, as I reported for MRCTV on August 15:

“There simply is not sufficient evidence to claim either that there has been an alarming build-up of carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere over, say, the last 150 years, or, second, that mankind is at fault for said assumed but unproven buildup. Then, there’s the assumption that any such increase is the cause of a rise in global temperature.”

I also noted that the graph used in Al Gore’s film, “An Inconvenient Truth” shows temperatures rising prior to CO2 levels rising, and I added this bit of news that seems unpopular with the Climate Alarmists:

“Heck, even the doomsayers who followed Sir David Attenborough’s narrative that Aussie coral was being wiped out by man-warmed oceans have been proven wrong. (Here is the raw data.)”

But that’s okay, just believe Macron, even as, just last week, his Interior Minister announced his desire to hire, get this, 3,000 new “Green Police” officers in this nation of “austerity.” As Breitbart’s Peter Caddle reports, Minister Gérald Darmanin’s argument seems weak:

“In an interview with Le Journal du Dimanche, Darmanin justified the creation of 3,000 new posts specifically aimed at green-related criminal issues by citing the effects climate change was having on France, especially in regard to forest fires, nine out of ten of which have allegedly been caused by human activity.”

Then there’s the French, UK, and American (to name but three former WWII Allies) “Russian-Ukrainian conflict” excuse for higher prices, fewer goods, and declining living standards.

When it comes to Macron, might it be worthwhile to look not just at the Russian-Ukrainian conflict to find out about food and fuel problems, but at the French government, itself?

Well, heck, it turns out that, for months, Macron has been behind French blockages of Russian exports, including food, and the year-to-year inflation rate (really the rise in prices caused by the inflation of the money supply) in France came in at 6.08 percent last month, when it was at 1.46 percent in 2019, prior to French COVID lockdown madness.

But please, Manuel, blame Putin and his evil twin, the Climate Change Bogeyman, for the hardships the French people are going to suffer.

And, what a shocker, in March, outgoing UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson took enough time away from embarrassing himself through breaking his own COVID lockdown edicts to, you got it, begin a nightmarish and insane series of British blocks on Russian exports to the UK, including fuel.

That would be the UK, where the year-to-year inflation rate for July was...drumroll…

...10.1 percent, and where Johnson already has been warned that his “Green” England agenda would destroy the economy and bring about energy rationing.

As Breitbart’s Kurt Zindulka wrote on July 3:

“The far-left green agenda goal of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government to reduce carbon emissions to “net zero” by 2050 will result in energy rationing, Lord David Frost has warned.”

Now, as Britain faces home energy price increases of 80 percent over the next few months, Johnson’s 2021 prediction that it will be a difficult, cold winter, seems more and more likely. But remember, it’s got nothing to do with him.

His March 2022 warning of “dark days ahead” is inevitable. But it’s definitely not his government's fault.

He seems to be counting on the Brits to accept his scapegoats, rather than looking at insane UK government policies, and he’s counting on the “stiff upper lip” of the old Blighty population. Indeed, perhaps he thinks the British people can find examples in their parents and grandparents, who survived the Blitz and, in some cases, traded all kinds of things for food ration tickets during the Battle of Britain. And Johnson can callously evoke echoes of that romanticized period, even as the source of the hardship comes from the “Build Back Better” U.K. government, itself.

If one were the cynical sort, he might suspect that all of this -- matched, of course in the “Build Back Better” U.S., where Bidenistas seem bent on making sure US fuel refining capacity is not expanded, and energy exploration is strangled during a time when Joe continues to impose jab mandates on incoming truckers, and Biden has blocked Russian energy imports to US shores, and even in “Build Back Better” Australia, where the Victorian government just passed a statute banning hunters from SHARING game meat – indeed, if one were CYNICAL, he might juuuuust think this isn’t accidental, and that the sources of the hardship are not “Climate Change” and “Putin.”

But who would ever suspect the government of undermining his or her well-being and hopes for the future?

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