Samantha Bee Trashes Trump for ‘Standard Issue White Male’ Judges

Mark Judge | August 11, 2017
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Hectoring liberal scold Samantha Bee used her show 'Full Frontal' on Wednesday to criticize President Trump’s judicial nominees.

"Trump's nominees are overwhelmingly white," Bee said. "If I didn't know that those were judicial nominees, I'd think it was just the next crop of network late-night hosts."

Bee added, “In some cases Trump opted to replace and African-American nominated by Obama with your standard issue what male.”

Bee noted that Trump has nominated dozens of young conservatives for justice roles since taking office. Bee also expressed frustration that because under Harry Reid the Senate changed the rules for nominating federal judges (except those on the Supreme Court) only a simple majority is required to appointments. This means that Trump has an easier path to nominating judges than his predecessors.

"Trump has picked 37 judges in six months," said Bee. "That's 20 more than Obama, and Obama didn't spend 14 hours a day angrily toilet-tweeting while [masturbating] to 'Fox & Friends.'"