Sam Bee Goes 'Full Mental': Says Intersex People Prove Sex Is 'Not Binary'

Abby Streetman | June 15, 2021

Despite what our biology textbooks tell us, we all just need to accept the fact that sex is not binary. This is what the crazy lefties want, at least. In Samantha Bee’s latest episode of Full Frontal, she espouses one of her most radical ideas, and that’s saying a lot for her. If you didn't already know that she needs serious help, you will now. 

In a June 9 segment, Bee began to discuss the importance of “LGBTQIA+ rights” and how there is “one segment of the community that’s still far under protected - intersex people.” Although, being intersex is not a choice, it’s a medical condition which cannot be prevented. Being trans or gay or anywhere else on the “spectrum” is a personal decision and often a mental illness. It’s ignorant to lump them all together.  

The title of her latest clip, “Intersex Rights Are Human Rights” is completely ignorant and unnecessary. This is a common tactic that is abused by the left, to throw the phrase “human rights” into any title in hopes of convincing viewers that there is a problem which doesn't actually exist. "While the majority of humans appear to exist at one end of the sex spectrum or the other, the word intersex refers to anyone who doesn't fit the typical binary," Bee said. Of course, this doesn’t include the people claiming the trendy identity of “non-binary.”

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Bee further claims that the percentage of intersex adults is “much higher” than people realize, saying it is 1.7%. Unfortunately for Bee, she is wrong yet again. The medical condition of being intersex is only estimated to affect 0.018% of the population. 

A medical variation that effects that small of a percentage of the population does not mean that sex isn’t binary. Despite what the manipulative Bee tells you, there are still only two genders. This definition of intersex states that it is “the term that a person may use when they have both male and female sex characteristics.” It doesn't say that the individual does not have a gender, it is very specific in noting that the deformity leads to attributes of BOTH genders, meaning there are only two. 

Before you begin questioning basic science and the entire field of biology maybe you should do your homework, Bee.