Republican Va. Delegate's Speech Blasting the Left's Gun Control Rhetoric Goes Viral

Nick Kangadis | March 7, 2018
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Uh oh! One Republican lawmaker from Virginia might want to be careful about leading with facts about gun laws and proposals as opposed to speaking about false liberal narratives that only feed certain end games, namely gun control.

Virginia State Del. Nick Freitas (R-Culpeper) posted a video on Facebook of his address on the Second Amendment and guns to the Virginia House of Delegates last week. The video has since gone viral with more than 13 million views on Facebook.

In the speech, Freitas addressed several misnomers and failed policies — like gun-free zones — that have come up since the Parkland, Fla. school shooting on Valentine’s Day.

“For several days now, some Democrats in the Virginia House of Delegates have made public speeches comparing those of us who take our oath to the Constitution seriously, to include the 2nd Amendment, to Nazis and segregationists,” Freitas wrote in the caption of the video.

Here’s the video:


Freitas brought up gun-free zones and how school and mass shootings typically happen in those areas. Shooters know that there were be limited resistance to their acts in gun-free zones, if any at all.

“Why do all mass shootings seem to take place in gun-free zones?” Freitas asked. “Wouldn’t it be reasonable to test whether or not the efficacy of gun-free zones have actually achieved what their intended intent is?”

Seems reasonable to me. Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

Towards the end of his speech, Freitas talked about the mudslinging being practiced in full force by the Left of anyone who supports the Second Amendment and anything about guns in general.

Here’s what Freitas looked straight at the other side of the aisle and said toward the conclusion of his address:

I just want to remind everyone of something very quickly. It was not our party [Republicans] that supported slavery, that fought women’s suffrage, that rounded up tens of thousands of Asian-Americans and put them in concentration camps, that supported Jim Crow, that supported segregation or supported mass resistance. That wasn’t our party. That was the Democrat Party.

Now, I’m thrilled that Democrats no longer believe that, and I don’t believe that a single current member of this body who is a Democrat believed those things. But, I would be really appreciative if every time you want to make a powerful point, you don’t project the sins, atrocities and the injustices that the Democratic Party perpetrated onto others onto us.

So, if we want to have an open and honest debate, I’m all for that. Let’s do that. But, it does start with a certain degree of mutual respect. It’s starts with a certain degree of not assuming that the only reason why we believe in the Second Amendment is because the NRA [National Rifle Association] paid us off. Well if that’s the sort of logic you want to use, why don’t you go take a look at how many money the NRA spends and much money Planned Parenthood spends. Because when I get up here and I talk about abortion, I don’t assume that you’re all bought and paid for by Planned Parenthood. I don’t assume you’re horrible people, because I disagree with you on a policy position. I assume that you have deep convictions and that we can have an argument and a debate about it. But, if you not willing to reciprocate that level of respect, well don’t be surprised when it becomes more difficult to talk about these things.

Game. Set. Match. Looks like someone put baby in the corner.

H/T: The Roanoke Times

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