Rep. Jayapal Slips Fictitious 'Climate Disaster' Claims Into Immigration Rant

P. Gardner Goldsmith | April 24, 2023
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Many conservative commentators criticized Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash) for her so-called “stereotypical” (though not necessarily wrong) “they pick the food we eat” praise of immigrants on April 19 before the House Judiciary Committee. But this writer has yet to see conservatives cite her for something else she said in her appearance – something dangerously erroneous that deserves specific and complete demolition.

In the midst of the “markup” process for the constitutionally dubious “Border Security and Enforcement Act of 2023,” Jayapal unintentionally invited criticism of “stereotyping” immigrants when she mentioned some of the blue-collar, labor-intensive work they might do. In addition to pillorying her for the “they pick our food” and "clean our homes" comment, people attacked Jayapal for saying that immigrants:

“…help construct our infrastructure, power our small business economy, clean our homes, and look after the most precious in our families – our children and our elders."

Evidently, many on the right decided to pull the "woke" card and try to use it on Jayapal. But, as a matter of simple economics, she is not wrong. Low-skilled laborers often come to the U.S. and do jobs that - shocker - don’t require refined skills and education. That’s just the way things are for anyone with a limited or unrefined skillset. It’s true for first-job seekers in their teen years, for poorly educated Americans who suffered through 13 years of government-school hell, and for many immigrants, be they legal or illegal.

Instead of verbally slamming Jayapal for making a reasonably factual statement about legal or illegal immigrants, conservatives could have cited her for another portion of her statement – the one that they seem to have overlooked to all of our detriment.

Check it out:

“"This country needs immigrants to survive. Immigrants pick the food we eat, rebuild our communities after climate disasters, help—”

Wait...What’s a “climate disaster”? And why aren’t more conservatives focusing on her slyly slipping in that term?

By using it, Jayapal here seems to imply that naturally occurring disasters are attributable to “anthropogenic climate change,” with the added insinuation that these “man-made climate disasters” are worse and more numerous than in years, decades, or centuries past.

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Taking each of these on, from the latter to the former, one can research the topic of strong storms, and see the falsity of the oft recited collectivist claim that these kinds of storms are on the rise.

As James Murphy reported in February for The New American:

“One of the climate cult’s most treasured myths is that tropical cyclones are increasing in intensity and destructive force due to so-called climate change. However, yet another paper is concluding that hurricanes and typhoons, at least thus far, are not increasing in either frequency or intensity.”

Digging into the study, he notes:

“’2021 and 2022 recorded the lowest number of both hurricanes and major hurricanes globally for any two year period since 1980,’ the paper declares. ‘The apparent long-term increase in the number of hurricanes since the 19th century has been due to changes in observational practices over the years, rather than a real increase.’”

And Paul Homewood, the author of the study stresses that many of these “observational practices” have a lot to do with pop media biases:

“‘While scientists are quite clear that we are not seeing a dramatic increase in hurricanes, or even any increase at all, the public have been conned into thinking that tropical storms are getting worse. It’s high time the mainstream media came clean and told people what is really going on,’ he said.”

And if we talk of forest fires, despite the wider spread of civilized human settlement, and despite the vast majority of US wildfires occurring on government-run lands that pose great risks to private parcels, there is not, and has not been for years, a problem of more and wider-ranging wildfires. The threats of fire that Jayapal might want to watch are not to be found in the evil magic of our “internal combustion engines,” but in wildly mismanaged government lands, over which public utilities often run their spark-shedding lines.

It might be constructive to tell allies who cited Jayapal for her “immigrants” rhetoric that they missed her attempt to reinforce the “anthropogenic climate change” myth. Even as she pushed it just prior to their vaunted holy “Earth Day,” Joe Biden pledged half a BILLION of OUR dollars to save Brazilian forests – as if Brazil is the 52nd state, right after Ukraine.

Jayapal and Biden should not get away with this rhetoric or activity, because, not only is the left wrong on climate, their incessant push to expand the size of government is immoral and makes it harder for people to better handle their own lives and lands.

Jayapal’s peddling of the term “climate disaster” is absolutely empty and devoid of any statistically significant scientific evidence, but why not close by asking this final question?

To both the left and right, it might be wise to ask them what the proper position for a federal politician would be if, hypothetically, there WERE more natural disasters harming Americans…

Jayapal likely won’t mention this, and given the history of the GOP to be just as pandering when it comes to handing out “disaster relief,” most Republicans also likely will dodge and weave, but the proper answer is that the federal government has ZERO place “helping” or “protecting” people from naturally occurring phenomena.

Congressman David Crockett spelled this out in 1830, and no one has changed the Constitution or fundamental ethics to say that it’s okay for politicians to label something a “disaster” and then forcibly take money from some in order to “help” others rebuild, or, as Kamala Harris wants to do, magically make them “weather resilient.”

By allowing sly comments like Jayapal’s to go unquestioned, by allowing pop media to claim that CO2 is a “climate change emission” when that has not been born out by history on Earth, conservative commentators and politicians not only lose opportunities to expose the lies of the left, they discard their moral responsibility to uphold the truth.

And with that one little Jayapal comment, we can see the danger of an oft-repeated lie.

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