Pro-Choice or No Choice? Pro-Aborts Attack Pro-Life Counselors Outside D.C. Planned Parenthood

Sarah Prentice | July 26, 2023
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On July 22nd, last Saturday, two pro-life activists who were sidewalk counseling outside of a Washington D.C. Planned Parenthood were attacked by abortion supporters. 

The two activists attacked are Teresa Bukovinac, the founder of Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU), and Michael Gribbin. 

According to a press release from PAAU, “Both Gribbin and Bukovanic frequently come to the DC Planned Parenthood to sidewalk counsel where they peacefully offer life affirming alternatives to women seeking abortions.”

“According to Bukovanic, the incident began when a woman approached her and threw coffee in her face and hair,” the statement went on to say. “When Gribbin went to grab the coffee cup her male partner assaulted him.”

The press release also states that Gribbin was “thrown to the ground and repeatedly punched by the woman's male partner.” Bukovanic was “slapped in the face” by the woman who flung coffee at her.

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Bukovinac posted the ordeal to her twitter, where she claims despite having video evidence, police refused to press charges against the assaulters.

"Even as a progressive anti-abortion atheist I understand that the abortion industrial complex is responsible for a mass genocide which will require immense bravery to dismantle,” Bukovanic stated. “Pro-lifers must be committed to total non-violence to effectively challenge the institution of legal child killing around the globe.”

How sad is it that we live in a country where pro-life activists who are brave enough to break the horrible cycle of abortion in our country through peaceful means have to fear for their safety as they stand up for America’s most vulnerable? 

No activist should have to experience a terrible assault like this and then not be able to trust the police to do their job correctly and hold the people responsible accountable. How long will instances like these continue to happen until people open their eyes?


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