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Portland Art Gallery Displays Window 'Art' of Trump Being Beheaded


An art gallery in Portland, Oregon is coming under fire Tuesday for displaying window "art" depicting President Donald Trump being beheaded with a knife.

A Twitter user first posted a picture of One Grand Gallery’s new display on social media, showing the graphic black-and-white installation of Trump getting his throat slashed with a knife, accompanied by the message, “F*ck Trump.”


The gallery had just held their opening reception to a new exhibition entitled “F***k You Mr. President” on Friday.

Of course, social media users weren’t happy to learn a gallery had prominently displayed a graphic and profane image of a president being decapitated, particularly facing a public street where it could be seen by children.

“The depiction on the window of our President being beheaded is disgraceful and actually dangerous and a pretty sad example to the young kids walking by your establishment. I hope your business gets shut down immediately,” one user noted.

After taking several hours of online heat, the galley defended their display in a Facebook post by saying their critics were "the same people upholding death threats & violence."


The “art” (to use the word very generously) is reminiscent of disgraced comedienne Kathy Griffin’s photo shoot in which she held up a mock version of Trump’s bloody, severed head, a stunt that got Griffin canned from her New Years Eve gig with CNN and resulted in several of her comedy shows being canceled.

But apparently, that wasn’t enough of a warning sign for One Grand Gallery. As of Tuesday afternoon, the gallery’s Yelp rating had plummeted from four-out-of-five stars to a dismal one star after being flooded with criticism from Trump supporters and those generally disgusted with the gallery’s move.

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