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Planned Parenthood To ‘Super-Size’ Efforts On Abortions


Planned Parenthood is kicking off a new strategy to “super-size” efforts to bring women to it’s abortion services. That’s the term reportedly used by the organization's executive vice president.

According to NPR:

In an exclusive interview with NPR, Planned Parenthood Executive Vice President Dawn Laguens said the reproductive rights group is preparing to "super-size" its efforts to connect women with abortion services in what could become an increasingly difficult environment. Already, she said, women in many states with restrictive abortion laws have difficulty obtaining the procedure.

The new “super-size” your abortion services strategy, is contained in the abortion providers’ newly released “Care For All” plan. Which according to PP was made in reaction to Brett Kavanaugh being sworn on to the Supreme Court.

“There’s no way to sugarcoat it. With Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, we are likely to see the further erosion of ​Roe v. Wade​ in the very near future,” PP says on it's "Care-For-All" information sheet.

PP’s plan includes:

In order for patients to access safe, legal abortion, there must first be abortion services for them to access. Therefore, Planned Parenthood is doubling down on where and what services are offered to patients. 

First, in states where abortion is likely to remain legal and accessible, Planned Parenthood is investing in and expanding a​ Regional Access Network.


You know, “doubling down” to make sure they can “super-size” it's efforts to give women abortions.

Also included in the plan is a greater effort to influence legislation to “expand and enhance” abortion. Another focus is to fight “the stigma that still surrounds abortion in this country.”

If you want more details on the “super-sized” plan, you can see PP’s latest menu of abortion efforts here.

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