Planned Parenthood Says 'Virginity Is a Social Construct' That's 'Patriarchal' and 'Outdated'

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | June 30, 2023
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I’ll take ‘things I never thought I’d see online’ for 500. 

According to Planned Parenthood, not being a giant hoe-bag makes you a slave to white men. 

Planned Parenthood posted a photo of what looked like a billboard to its Twitter page. Though it looked photoshopped, the sign read, “Virginity is a social construct," with “social construct” underlined in pink. 



Its caption read, “The idea of virginity comes from outdated — let's be real, patriarchal— ways of thinking that hurts everyone.” 

OK. “Let’s be real,” Planned Parenthood. Keeping your legs shut and not sleeping with everyone and their mother is not “outdated.” Rather, it’s wise. Planned Parenthood, however, wants to push the notion that sex should happen anywhere and with anyone, and that it's casual.

But Sex is not casual. Simply stated, sex was designed to take place in a committed marriage between a man and a woman. That’s why when it happens outside of those bounds, many problems arise. Whether it’s rape, one or more parties developing STDs, or perhaps an unplanned pregnancy, those are all results of cheapening sex - and all are consequences from which Planned Parenthood profits.

When you have sex, chemicals are released in your brain that bond you to your partner. Males release vasopressin and females release oxytocin. When those chemicals are released over and over and over, the special factor of having only one partner diminishes. One doctor compared it to a piece of tape. When it’s used once to stick to one item, it works great. But, as time goes on and it tries sticking to item after item after item, it loses its stickiness. Similarly, those who wait to have sex until marriage report “significantly higher relationship satisfaction” since they aren't releasing those chemicals, loosing their stickiness, over and over again.

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Most importantly, sex often results in pregnancy. When sex is casual, pregnancy becomes normal, and therefore, as Planned Parenthood wants you to believe, so does abortion. 

When we have this mentality that sex is meaningless, of course the consequences of sex are going to be meaningless, too. 

Luckily, I’m not the only one who thinks so. Check out some of the replies to Planned Parenthood’s ridiculous tweet. 


So you want control over your body but you don't know how to control your body.

— (@LifeNewsHQ) June 29, 2023

Oh, Planned Parenthood wants to “be real?” “Let’s be real” about how racist and sexist the organization is, about all the evidence pointing to baby body part harvesting, Medicaid fraud, failure to report, etc.

— Rebecca Downs (@RebeccaRoseGold) June 30, 2023

Convince girls being a virgin—which apparently is painted as a terrible thing—is only because of the big, bad ‘patriarchy’ so they’ll break free of the chains that bind them by sleeping around.

Killing babies—and now this? You’re sooooooo helpful to women.

— Julia 🇺🇸 (@Jules31415) June 30, 2023

Sounds like something a pedo would say.

— The Redheaded libertarian (@TRHLofficial) June 29, 2023

The thing is, if people stop sleeping around, Planned Parenthood won’t have the steady flow of income from abortions. It’s “promoting promiscuity to make money,” which is absolutely disgusting and insane. But then again, this is Planned Parenthood we’re talking about. 

Virginity hurts the abortion business. That’s what this is really all about.

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