Roasted: CT Dem Slammed After Saying Good Catholics Support Abortion

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | June 29, 2023
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On Monday, Representative Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) insisted that her Catholic faith is what inspires her to support abortion. And, due to her obviously flawed stance, Conservative accounts and individuals blasted her on Twitter. 

In her tweet, DeLauro stated, “The fundamental tenets of my faith compel me to defend a women’s right to access abortion,” after insisting that she is a Catholic, “baptized, raised, and confirmed.” 

It’s extremely obvious that abortion is against the Bible, which the Catholic faith uses as its guide. There’s plenty of scripture talking about being “knit together in [your] mother’s womb,” or places in which the Lord commands that we must not “commit murder,” etc.. Therefore, the Catholic faith - the true Catholic faith - does not and will not ever support the murder of an innocent human being with intrinsic value.

Yet DeLauro seems to think otherwise. 

Further along in her Twitter thread, the Connecticut congresswoman added a link to her press release that dove deeper into her pro-abort, “Catholic” stance. The release was published on the one-year anniversary of Roe v. Wade being overturned, and was signed by 31 other "religious" House Democrats including fellow "Catholic" Nancy Pelosi. No surprises there. 

“Our faith unfailingly promotes the common good, prioritizes the dignity of every human being, and highlights the need to provide a collective safety net to our most vulnerable,” the statement said, and added, “We are committed to making real the basic principles at the heart of Catholic social teaching: helping the poor, disadvantaged, and the oppressed; protecting the least among us; and ensuring that all Americans of every faith are given meaningful opportunities to share in the blessings of this great country.”

Of course, the Dems who signed this statement are taking the principles of the Bible and warping them to fit their delusional sense of “moral truth.”

Naturally, they were blasted online - and honestly, some of the replies were kinda funny. 

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Former White House speech writer Joshua Charles likened DeLauro to Adolf Hitler, stating that even though the murderous dictator was “Catholic,” he “utterly repudiated the Faith, and became an apostate in both word and deed.”

“You don’t get to determine what the Catholic Faith is. Jesus Christ does, through the Church. Repent," Charles wrote.

Boom! Roasted. 

Life News insisted, “You can't be a Christian and support killing the people God sent Jesus to save,” while another user said DeLauro was “full of s**t.”

Liz Wheeler, who hosts “The Liz Wheeler Show,” pointed out truths of the Catholic faith that DeLauro was rejecting. 

“The fundamental tenets of your religion compels you to confess your sins, such as (checks notes)…lying. You are clearly confusing the Catholic catechism with the tenets of the  Democratic Party (which is truly your only religion).  If you do actually go to Mass, do NOT take communion,” another user wrote. 

All in all, DeLauro, like many of her accomplices, is trying to use religion to justify her pro-abort stance even though the two clearly contradict.  on another. This is just another example of how delusional so many leftists are - or, at the very least, act.

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