Planned Parenthood Exec Gloats: They’re Working Closely With Biden Team, Suggesting Pro-Abortion Govt Hires

P. Gardner Goldsmith | December 29, 2020

Pro-life Americans have been concerned about a potentially cozy relationship between the “President-Elect Biden Team” and abortion promoter, Planned Parenthood, and two new reports appear to confirm that those fears were justified.

As DailyWire’s Emily Zanotti writes, the American branch of that international abortion monster is getting out word that it has a powerful friend in supposedly Catholic Biden, and is working hard to populate any future “Biden Administration” with pro-abortion hires.

Abortion conglomerate Planned Parenthood is playing a crucial role in paving the way for a potential Joe Biden presidential administration, reportedly helping the Democrat’s transition team identify and hire White House staffers.

The staffing push could have a profound effect on not only legislation, but also on Executive Branch policy, and one of the key areas where Planned Parenthood’s executives likely would anticipate a change in said policy would be the reversal of President Trump’s 2019 “chess-move” block of PP receiving what are called “Title Ten Family Planning” funds. Explains Zanotti:

Planned Parenthood is also likely petitioning Biden to restore their access to the Title X Family Planning Program. The group voluntarily left the Title X program after the Trump administration issued a new edict, banning organizations receiving Title X grants from providing or referring patients for abortion except in extreme cases. Planned Parenthood was given the option to reorganize how they provide services, but they chose, instead, to drop their involvement with the Title X program.

Zanotti refers to a recent Newsweek interview with PP President Alexis McGill Johnson, in which Johnson boasts about the vast sums that her abortion-organization showered on the Biden race, and discusses what she expects PP to reap in return.

Planned Parenthood president Alexis McGill Johnson told Newsweek that the abortion rights organization is looking to get a return on its investment after splashing out around $45 million to help the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris ticket get elected. The group spent a whopping $10 million to paper the airwaves with Biden ads just in battleground states.

And the Newsweek piece, written by Alexandra Hutzler, notes:

[C]onversations with the Biden-Harris transition team, Johnson said, have been focused on appointments within the White House, the administration, and various federal agencies. Planned Parenthood and its allies have identified and recommended nearly 200 people for key positions...

Which is doubly-troubling.

First, it indicates that, like Joe Biden, the Biden administration's “Transition Team” not only does not respect human life from conception to natural demise, its members appear to be very willing to take the tax cash of pro-life Americans to fund staffers who have a pro-death agenda. This, in turn, has a bearing on even larger sums of money that might be reinserted into the already constitutionally dubious “Title Ten Family Planning” pork boondoggle that has existed since the 1970s, meaning that Trump’s deft move to block all that tax cash from reaching the abortion monster would be reversed.

But, in addition to that, this screams of the far-too-cozy relationship between Planned Parenthood as a special interest, and the Executive Branch, as a government entity. For decades, critics of government overreach and profligate spending have pointed to the symbiotic -- some see it as prostitutional -- relationship between big-moneid special interests and government, on every level.

Thus, people have sounded alarms when former Bush Administration “Homeland Security Czar” Michael Chertoff was revealed to have seen his company, The Chertoff Group, benefit through the purchase of Rapiscan airport scanners which Chertoff had praised prior to leaving the administration. Many Americans also have protested the close relationship that most Treasury Secretaries have had with the banking leviathan, Goldman Sachs, especially when Clinton Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin moved from Goldman, to the White House, then arranged for a massive US bailout of Mexico -- a place where, shock, Goldman Sachs had towering investments and would have lost a lot of cash had the Mexican government defaulted on its debts. Bad enough as that move was, Rubin soon left the Clinton administration to… return to Goldman Sachs.

The problem isn’t necessarily special interests playing too closely with White House power, and all the potential conflicts of interest such relationships present for policy-makers. It’s the fact that the politicians and bureaucrats, themselves, have claimed vast and clearly unconstitutional “policy-making” power that they simply do not have.

If more Americans were aware of -- or respected -- the enumerated constitutional “powers” of the federal government, these kinds of troubling staffing ploys -- and the manner in which political elections can be seen as, as HL Mencken said, “...a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods” -- would not be so prevalent.

It’s not the special interests who start the process of systemic favoritism and the erosion of constitutional strictures. It’s the politicians who, knowing they can hand out government favors, make promises, or play cozy with special interests, knowing that they soon can give those special interests special federal favors.

In the meantime, American taxpayers are victimized, and, in the case of Planned Parenthood, the lives of innocent unborn children sit in the proverbial crosshairs.