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Planned Parenthood Brings On a Licensed Doctor To Head Up Abortion Mills


Planned Parenthood just named their new president, set to replace former head Cecile Richards as the leader of the nation’s leading abortion provider – and here’s the worst part: she’s a doctor.

Because nothing says, “Do no harm” quite like killing millions of innocent people.

In a video released Wednesday, Planned Parenthood announced Dr. Leana Wen as its new president in a move clearly designed to bolster up the group’s image as a leading health care provider for the nation’s lower-income population. Which, apparently, includes exterminating their children.

In the video, Wen, an immigrant from China (where women are forced to undergo abortions for children unsanctioned by the state), relays her account of having once watched a woman die on an emergency room gurney after a botched home abortion, lamenting that the woman died because she was “too afraid” to seek proper medical care.

“I wanted to fight for our most vulnerable individuals on a bigger scale,” Wen says in the video. “Having a physician as the head of Planned Parenthood, it is a sign that what we are doing is mainstream medical care. Why is it not?”

Well, probably because "mainstream medical care" doesn't typically involve the intentional poisoning and dissection of innocent, living children.

While Planned Parenthood’s newest CEO is an overly obvious reach to cement the group’s standing as a medical facility, Wen’s hiring effectively changes very little about the organization’s day-to-day operations – which are far from medically comprehensive. According to its own report, Planned Parenthood specializes in providing abortions while offering little else to pregnant women. The vast majority of their clinics – located almost exclusively in low-income communities – continue to deny pregnant women with essential prenatal care or birthing resources. 

While the group largely maintains that they “save” women’s lives by providing cancer screenings, not a single Planned Parenthood offers mammogram services. 

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