PC Police Offended That American Model Isn't Offended

Zach Montanaro | September 15, 2016
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Trying not to offend someone these days is really hard apparently. When you do, it’s often those people shouting for peace and calm that like to assault people they disagree with. Probably the most hilarious way of offending someone, however, is when they are offended that you aren’t offended by something!

That’s exactly what happened to model Christine Teigen earlier this week. As was also reported by Newsbusters, Teigen ran into some unexpected hot water when she made two seemingly innocent tweets about how she found the word “oriental” to be odd when talking about her salad dressing:

Seemingly a bit out of nowhere, but harmless nonetheless, right?

Well this being Twitter, of course it isn’t.

Teigen, whose mother is Thai, soon started to get replies from some of her followers who seemingly couldn’t fathom the idea that the model wasn’t offended by the use of “oriental.”


Teigen even tried to point out that she just didn’t see “oriental” as a slur and mostly was taking it as a harmless ignorance. Even still, the PC police was having none of it:



One follower tried to explain to Teigen exactly why she should have been offended:

And another even went so far as to say that Teigen had no right to her opinion:

As you can see, Teigen didn’t take any of this sitting down, and even fired back at some of her followers trying to lecture her.

We’ve seen this kind of nonsense before where the PC police couldn’t help but get involved in trying to lecture and even harass people who don’t believe everything that they do. Just last week, a College Republican group in California was assaulted by leftists who seemingly couldn’t fathom the idea that other people believed differently than them.

And just to show how ridiculous this “controversy” really was, Teigen made sure to remind everyone where this came from.

I salute you Christine Teigen. Don’t let the trolls keep you down.

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