World Health Org Choose Trans Activists To Direct 'Child-Rearing Rules' Panel

P. Gardner Goldsmith | January 14, 2024
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If the simultaneous World Health Organization (WHO) schemes to “revise” existing “pandemic rules” while also shaping the so-called “pandemic treaty” which won’t be a treaty, but likely will be adopted, bit by bit, in the U.S., to further attack our rights and break the U.S. Constitution aren’t sufficiently alarming…

If the continuing WHO push of abortion were not angering enough…

If its members’ slippery 2009 redefinition of “pandemic” and the fact that we have to pay for it without being able to say no…

If all that that were not enough to blow a mental gasket, news comes to us about the WHO's U.S.-taxpayer-backed move to select very special people to formulate their “child-rearing rules” for the entire globe: transgenders.

As Alana Mastrangelo reports for Breitbart:

“The United Nations healthcare agency — the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) — has given transgender activists a majority of the seats in a panel that is drafting healthcare policies for children.

One of the supposed experts displays a ‘Be Gay, Do Crimes’ tattoo.”

Well, heck, what’s wrong with more criminality among a gang who get their paychecks off our backs to push rights-violating policies?

“Eleven members of the W.H.O.’s 21-member panel have no formal medical training, seven are transgender, and just ten have a medical background, according to a report by Daily Mail.”

Oh, no. God forbid that the completely trustworthy WHO veer so very far away from medical reality and truth.

That would be such a change for them, the collectivist, global-government pushers who’ve lived off our earnings for decades.

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Or, perhaps it’s a natural outgrowth of cultural Marxism, which has been a weapon for political collectivists and has, generation after generation, promoted new “put-upon” subsets of the population as tools in the never-ending push to destroy liberty, private property, and freedom of contract.

In typical collectivist gaslighting fashion, the political players play on sympathy for the new “downtrodden” and claim they are promoting “equal rights” when they actually push to silence dissent and demonize opposition.

Opposition to things like their globalist agenda to erode parental rights and familial cohesion…

Writes Mastrangelo:

“One of them is reportedly a controversial Canadian trans activist who has a strong influence on the Chinese app TikTok and says puberty blockers should be prescribed to all children, regardless of their gender identity, so they can ‘choose’ their gender rather than being assigned one by society.

Another of the W.H.O.’s committee members says that transitioning causes no health problems and claims the only ‘actual side effects’ of getting a sex change are a ‘significantly improved quality of life … and trans joy.’”

Well, it doesn’t matter whether TikTok is Chinese or not, and, likewise, as galling as these new facts are, they actually are new insults atop the already immoral and unwarranted reality that the WHO exists at all.

The immorality of people forcing my neighbor to pay for the WHO remains, regardless of whether the members of this committee are mentally disturbed, sexually depraved, or something else. Even if they were the proverbial cream of the medical crop, the fundamental act of force underlying the existence of the World Health Organization is sufficient reason to oppose it.

The insults and injuries mount, from there.

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Mastrangelo notes that the WHO committee is charged with setting “global guidelines” for how healthcare employees in WHO signatory nations will operate and facilitate greater use of “quality and respectful health services by trans and gender-diverse people.”

And she adds:

“’The WHO panel is made up mostly of social justice and human rights lawyers who believe the gender affirmative approach is the only option,’ Stella O’Malley, psychotherapist and executive director of Genspect, told Daily Mail.

‘[They] will determine care guidelines for trans people, yet they do not have anyone to represent critical balance on their panel,’ she added. ‘The gender affirmative approach is presumed by WHO to be the only way forward and thereby dismisses conventional psychotherapy.’”

There’s no word as to when the committee’s “recommendations” and “guidelines” are due, but, given the overall push within the WHO to soon complete their “rules revisions” to promote lockdowns, communications censorship, commandeering of medical supplies, and more, likely we’ll see the “recommendations” by summer.

And we’ll be paying them, all the while.

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