Sen. Rand Paul And Others Question W.H.O. Planet-Policing 'Pandemic Treaty'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | May 26, 2022
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On a globe that is home to billions of souls, one might think that more people would be protesting, or at least aware of, the fact that member states of the United Nations’ “World Health Organization” are rushing to vote before the end of May on a planet-spanning, bio-ID-mandating “Global Accord on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response” that would, practically speaking, give globalist political players the so-called “power” to negate national, local, and, most important (the only true kind) Individual sovereignty.

Since March, only a few people or groups of liberty-minded folks have led the charge to inform others of this plan before the WHO bureaucrats gathered at their World Health Assembly in Geneva on the 22nd.

Key among those have been James Roguski, who painstakingly dissected the early draft of the “treaty,” posted about it at his Substack, and, literally, offered his personal cell phone number to concerned listeners when he appeared on programs like The David Knight Show. Subsequent defenders sounded off at the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN), the World Council for Health, The Brownstone Institute, and Reclaim The Net. And now, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has hit the alarm about this stunning police-state move.

On May 24, Paul Tweeted a link to a detailed Brownstone Institute piece that reveals many of the “Accord’s” particular threats to freedom.

Brownstone's Aaron Kheriaty explains, first offering the background:

The WHO recently announced plans for an international pandemic treaty tied to a digital passport and digital ID system. Meeting in December 2021 in a special session for only the second time since the WHO’s founding in 1948, the Health Assembly of the WHO adopted a single decision titled, ‘The World Together.’

It’s worthwhile to note that since its founding, the WHO – a sub-structure of the United Nations – has been funded mostly – and unconstitutionally – by US taxpayers. For a brief time in 2020, Donald Trump ceased that vile practice, but Joe Biden reversed the move.

Adds Kheriaty, in his intro:

The WHO plans to finalize the treaty by 2024. It will aim to shift governing authority now reserved to sovereign states to the WHO during a pandemic by legally binding member states to the WHO’s revised International Health Regulations.


In January of 2022 the United States submitted proposed amendments to the 2005 International Health Regulations, which bind all 194 UN member states, which the WHO director general accepted and forwarded to other member states. In contrast to amendments to our own constitution, these amendments will not require a two-thirds vote of our Senate, but a simple majority of the member states.

And that simple majority is what the global-governance-backers want, right NOW.

Biden Administration officials are arguing that the changes would simply allow for more information to become available at the beginning of a pandemic and for that info to be distributed at a faster pace.

Loyce Pace, assistant secretary for global affairs at the Department of Health and Human Services, tells Politico, “I think there’s legitimate confusion, and I also think that there’s deliberate misinformation,” about the proposed changes.

A close look at the wording of the document begs many questions, including exactly whom might be spreading the misinformation.

As Tom Parker reports, for Reclaim The Net:

While the WHO framed this as an international pandemic treaty, the latest draft of the treaty has since evolved to cover all ‘health emergencies.’ Unlike the term ‘pandemic,’ which is limited in scope and refers to the worldwide spread of infectious disease, the WHO’s definition of a ‘public health emergency of international concern’ (PHEIC) is much broader and applies to all types of disease, regardless of whether they’re infectious.

Parker quotes the WHO proposal:

A PHEIC is defined in the IHR (2005) as, ‘an extraordinary event which is determined to constitute a public health risk to other States through the international spread of disease and to potentially require a coordinated international response.'

And if you thought it was difficult to protest your city, or state, or the US government for its flagrant “persecution-via-pandemic-police-state” activity, imagine what that will be like when the police state is the entire planet.

The draft treaty places the ‘WHO at the centre’ and solidifies the WHO as ‘the directing and coordinating authority on international health’ and gives it sweeping, legally binding powers to force member states to adopt many of the censorship and surveillance tools that were imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Indeed, Parker finds these in the draft “Treaty”:

International vaccine passports and contact tracing: Member states will be required to ‘support the development of standards for producing a digital version of the International Certificate of Vaccination and Prophylaxis’ (the WHO’s official vaccine passport). The WHO will also ‘develop norms and standards’ for ‘digital technology applications relevant to international travel’ such as contact tracing apps and digital health forms.

Then there’s the Fourth Amendment breach:

Global surveillance: The WHO will conduct ‘coordinated global surveillance of public health threats’ and member states will be required to build out their surveillance systems and work with ‘the WHO’s global systems for surveillance.’ Non-state actors (which could include Big Tech companies) will also be required to work with governments, the WHO, and other international partners to leverage their ‘considerable data’ to ‘create the strongest possible early warning and response systems.’

And if Americans wonder how ANY form of government can capture their personal health info, all they need to do is refer to pages 75-94 of the 1996 federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).  In it -- and under the guise of “protecting you” from local doctors and insurance companies sharing your info without your consent (something you can handle yourself via private contract) – the feds claimed the power to have the Secretary of Health and Human Services assign you a “Unique Health Identifier.” Further, HIPAA claimed the power for said HHS to collect your medical data any time, without a warrant. The provision was not put into operation until Obamacare was initiated, and now, very few people understand how “contact tracing” or “medical surveillance” can possibly happen, because they are unaware of what actually is in the power-grab of HIPAA.

Likewise, few Americans are aware of what is in the WHO Global Accord on Pandemic Prevention.

Adds Parker, citing another vector of the WHO attack:

Addressing ‘misinformation,’ ‘disinformation,’ and ‘too much information:’ The draft treaty pushes ‘national and global coordinated actions to address the misinformation, disinformation, and stigmatization, that undermine public health.’ Member states will also be required to strengthen their approaches to ‘infodemic management’ (a term coined by the WHO that refers to ‘too much information including false or misleading information in digital and physical environments during a disease outbreak.’)

Yes! God forbid individuals exchange words and images with each other any more than the tax-consuming WHO bureaucrats allow! And if that information doesn’t conform to the WHO depiction of what is “truth” – well, you’ll see, bucko.

And on the subject of taxation?

Funding: WHO members are set to collectively pay the WHO over $950 million in dues for 2022-2023 and already paid over $270 million in voluntary contributions for 2020-2021. And this draft treaty proposes that G7 countries (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK, and the US) also pay $11 billion for the ‘Access to COVID-19 Tools Accelerator (ACT-A).’ Additionally, it intends to create an ‘International Pandemic Financing Facility’ that will extract long-term (10-15 year) contributions of $5-10 billion per year.’

Don’t you love how these vampiric, self-described arbiters of “truth” use misleading language like “contributions” to describe money that the member states will suck out of our hard-working veins?

As World Council for Health observes, even IF one erroneously thinks the WHO is legit, it’s record warns of big, big trouble:

Historically, the WHO leadership has failed the people. Among many examples, it approved the injurious H1N1 (swine flu) vaccine for a controversially declared pandemic. Equally, the WHO failed during the Covid-19 chapter as it encouraged lockdowns, suppressed early preventive treatments, and recommended product interventions that have proven to be neither safe nor effective.

And Parker tells us the timeline for this incoming collectivist comet:

If this draft treaty is approved at the May 22 to May 28 WHA meeting, the INB (Intergovernmental Negotiating Body) will hold a second meeting on August 1 to discuss progress on the draft. A progress report will then be delivered at the 76th WHA meeting in May 2023. The final treaty will then be presented for adoption at the 77th WHA meeting in May 2024.

Under the US Constitution, even if a President signs a treaty, the Senate must give two-thirds approval, and the treaty must not breach any provisions of the US Constitution.

But when was the last time you recall the vast majority in DC caring in any fashion for the actual rules of the US Constitution? The COVID lockdowns, jab mandates, and jab funding, alone, ought to offer us fair warning that if this “Treaty” is not stopped, or even if it IS stopped, the US will usher in various provisions, any way the collectivists can.


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