Hubris vs Constitution: Biden Promises $24 Mil To Fund mRNA Cancer 'Vaccine'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | August 28, 2023
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Perhaps you, too, are curious about the unbelievable news that Joe Biden again is pushing more mRNA “investment” – with YOUR money.

After the flood of false claims he and his government friends in both major parties made since 2020… after all the backtracking, all the underhanded ways that officials spun narratives for public consumption that they did not believe behind the scenes, and after numerous people literally have written entire books about the anti-constitutional lockdowns, the federal mask mythology, the national, state, and corporate mandates, the federal suppression of therapeutics, and the troubling dangers of the mRNA COVID injections, you might feel oddly inquisitive as to how a US President can continue to flog the mRNA pony with a whip he’s going to make you buy.

Of course, your questions are of utterly no consequence to him. He just announced more COVID jabs, and now Joe plans to hand a recently-created federal agency an additional $24 million in tax cash to work on more mRNA “technology.” As Sheri Walsh reports for United Press International, Biden is betting your cash on a new push for a new range of “messenger-ribonucleic acid” jabs purportedly to fight cancer and other diseases.

“The Biden administration launched a $24 million ‘moonshot’ research initiative Wednesday to train mRNA to fight cancer, autoimmune disorders and infectious diseases.”

Pay no attention to the sketchy history of the inflated “COVID cases,” the federal funds shelled out to pharma giants for the COVID jabs, and disregard any memory about how poorly they performed, how poorly they were “tested,” and the fact that, despite huge numbers of people reporting dire health problems due to the COVID jabs, the pharma giants got federally-granted legal immunity against suits that injured people might try to bring.

Biden wants us to stare at the shiny new object he’s dangling and offer nothing but appreciation and anticipation.

“The new Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health program, called ‘Curing the Incurable via RNA-Encoded Immunogene Tuning’ or CUREIT, is part of President Joe Biden's Unity Agenda and Cancer Moonshot program. It will be led by a team at Emory University in Georgia, the White House announced.”

That agency (abbreviated ARPA-H and also known as “HARPA”) being a recently-created (March, 2022) government bureaucracy modeled after the shadowy Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) (which, itself, works with universities and corporations to develop a lot of also-sketchy military tech and Constitution-skirting social-manipulation plans.)

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Perhaps you’re even more curious, because you understand that the government working with Emory University is a “public-private partnership” and that the term, itself, is merely a reworking of the longer-standing term: fascism. Fascism being the mixing of government power and corporate interests that either receive special treatment from said government or get pushed around by the politicians.

So, sure, it’s fascism, but it’s for a good cause, right?

“CUREIT, which is the first award from the ARPA-H Open Broad Agency Announcement, will harness mRNA platforms to train the immune system to fight cancer and other diseases.

‘In my Unity Agenda I announced in my State of the Union address last year, I called on Congress to establish and fund the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health,’ Biden said Wednesday. ‘Members on both sides of the aisle answered by call, and already, ARPH-H is meeting its mission to create breakthroughs in how to prevent, detect and treat cancer and other diseases.’"

Now, if you’re familiar with the US Constitution, you might be even more skeptical of Biden’s idea and his slippery, Orwellian use of the term “unity.”

Did you get to choose that “union” of your earnings and Emory University? Did you get to choose that “unity” of your income and time and interests – and even those of your kids, since the feds are $30 TRILLION in debt – with Biden?

Of course not.

Yet, contrary to the Constitution Biden swore to “protect and defend,” Joe wants to make it look as if “America cares” about cancer and other diseases by strengthening the ties between the feds and more mRNA researchers, this time at Emory, and do so with your cash and that of your scions.

Did it ever cross his mind that, even IF the mRNA tech were to work successfully as he believes it will, it is not his place to invest YOUR MONEY in it? Did it ever cross his mind that care is reflected through volition? That no one, absolutely NO ONE, can claim anyone “cares” about anything if the funding for the purported “fix” of that thing is provided through political means, rather than voluntary, market means?

The politicians are not using their own money, so we don’t know if they care. The taxpayers will be punished if they don’t pay, so we don’t know if they care. Literally, nothing government does can be said to hold any value to anyone, because no one paying for it had any choice.

Only through volition, shown in market choices, can we show what we value.

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Perhaps Joe will leave office and offer his grand scheme as a private investment opportunity? Of course he won’t. And if more Americans acknowledged the rules of Joe’s US Constitution, they would call for his impeachment over this, among many other breaches of the so-called “rules.”

Don’t hold your breath. Instead, perhaps liken this to the lyrics of a song…

In 1978, the British punk band Wire recorded a tune called “I Am the Fly,” which contains lyrics that read:

“I am the fly in the ointment

I’ll shake you down

To say, ‘please,’

As you accept the next dose of disease…”

And this seems to be the typical reaction of most Americans. The politicians take money and push people around, they put future generations in debt, they use our cash to write press releases and hold news conferences and promote their grand schemes, and it all acts to weaken us and remove our choices. Many Americans accept the rhetoric, not realizing the opportunities lost, the poison of corruption presented by politics. And we get more and more doses of disease.

Perhaps no one can vaccinate against government rhetoric. But spreading information about ethics, economics, and the rules of the Constitution might help.

One can be sure that Biden will not do any of that.

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