Nets CENSOR Scandalous Fauci E-Mails Showing What He Really Knew


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Thanks to the use of the Freedom of Information Act, on Wednesday, the American people now had access to Dr. Anthony Fauci’s e-mails and revelations that he knew the National Institutes of Health may have funded gain-of-function research for coronaviruses, that COVID-19 may have come from a lab, and that masks didn’t work. And in an attempt to cover up the truth, ABC’s World News Tonight and CBS Evening News ignored the scandal completely.

But for NBC’s part, Nightly News featured fill-in anchor Kate Snow picking the more benign topic of probing the origin of the virus and weakly asking Fauci to defend the government.

“You exchanged e-mails with the Chinese director of their Center for Disease Control. President Trump's former chief of staff today suggested that you and others didn't do enough to investigate the origins of the virus,” she prefaced. “Did you?”

After Fauci said that he didn’t think researching the origin of the global pandemic was the job of the NIH, Snow followed up by asking: “But in general, do you think the government did enough to look into where this virus came from?” Fauci argued that the WHO did that, with no mention that the report was approved by China first.


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