Ohio Dems BANG DESKS To Silence Proposed Protection of Women's Sports From Trans Invaders

P. Gardner Goldsmith | July 2, 2021

Remember those days when leftists pretended to care about “misogyny” and human rights and fairness, even as they turned blind eyes to the misogynistic behavior of left-icons like Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, and film producer Harvey Weinstein?

To quote the Talking Heads, today, it’s “same as it ever was.” 

The latest double-standard comes in the insane practice of claiming biological males and females are something they factually are NOT, something that, it seems, is pushed mostly by Democrats, and which is seeing “transgender” men demand entrance to women’s bathrooms and entrance into competitive women’s sports – which they then dominate.

In 2020, Ohio GOP State Representative Jena Powell tried to pass a statute to stop this from happening in government-supported competitive sports. On June 24, she rose in the legislature to attach a portion of her proposal as an amendment to another bill, called the “Name, Image, Likeness” bill.

The result was typical, and not pretty.

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Like threatening apes, Democrats began to aggressively bang on their desks – one after another, more and more, in a rising cacophony of noise so loud it sounded like thunder.

But Powell would not be cowed by the noise and threat. 

Reading the amendment, she said:

The Safe Women’s Sports Act is a fairness issue for women to be able to achieve their dreams in athletics in our state. And it’s crucial to preserving women’s rights and the integrity of women’s and girls’ sports. Across our country, female athletes are currently losing scholarships, opportunities, medals, education and training opportunities…’

As Hank Berrien reports for DailyWire:

Powell continued, 'This amendment will require schools that are part of the OHSAA —'

The hammering intensified.

 ‘— to designate separate teams for participants of the biological sex. No school —‘ Powell went on, then had to stop for a moment, exasperated, before she continued, “No school interscholastic conference or organization that regulates inter-scholastics shall permit biological males to participate on athletic teams or an athletic competition designated only for biological female participants. Currently, OHSAA (Ohio High School Athletic Association) allows biological males to compete against biological females if they either completed a year of hormone therapy, demonstrated they do not possess physical —‘

Despite the continued disruptions, Powell went on to discuss Ohio’s policies on the issue. Eventually, a point of order was raised until the Democrats finally stopped their antics.

And, as Berrien notes, the Democrats were widely criticized once the truth hit the web. One blustering politician in particular, State Rep. Michael Skindell, was cited for his extreme behavior, caught on video.

If Skindell has behaved that way when it came to a traditionally left-wing “women’s issue,” the pop media would have had an online "news tribunal" on the man. Instead, this kind of disgraceful behavior goes virtually unnoticed by the hypocrites in the pop press. And it is up to us to get out the word.

Ohio Republican Gov. Mike DeWine has vetoed similar legislation in the past, and he refuses to show support Powell’s amendment or her original bill. But Powell keeps fighting, and her efforts are gaining more positive attention from people who respect reality and respect women.

That cannot be said of Mike DeWine or the Dems in the House who acted like territorial gorillas as the young woman tried to read her amendment to protect women from men.

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