Nike ‘Just Does It’ - Transitions From Sports Contenders To Female Pretenders

Eric Scheiner | April 5, 2023
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Shortly after Bud Light became the new tranny fluid, Nike has switched gears and is using a man who pretends he’s a girl to sell clothes.

Dylan Mulvaney, who claims he’s over a year into “girlhood” made a series of paid partnership social media posts posing in a sports bra and leggings from the company.


Many on social media reacted with the same basic question: Why would Nike not use a real woman to promote their women’s line?

Nike hasn’t answered that question as of yet, but perhaps they’ll use their desire to “authentically connect” with consumers the way Anheuser-Busch did.

For woke marketers it seems nothing screams “authentic” more than a grown man claiming to be a girl.

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