Trans Activist Mocks Shark Attack Victim Bethany Hamilton at Appropriate Children's Story Hour

Nick Kangadis | February 7, 2024
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I’m not scared of being “cancelled,” because who the h-e-double hockey sticks am I? That being said, a member of the trans community put their mental illness on full display at a recent and decent library story hour, hosted by two legitimately female athletes. Leave to a transformer to show such a level of class…low.

Swimmer Riley Gaines and surfer Bethany Hamilton hosted a “children’s story hour featuring their inspirational titles about overcoming adversity” in Missouri last Friday, according to Fox News.

For context, Hamilton lost her left arm in shark attack in 2003, and Gaines has had to deal with male competitors pretending to be female in major collegiate sporting events.

Well, of course, some trans activist draped in the trans flag decided to show up to the event and carry a plush shark with her, seemingly mocking Hamilton’s attack and subsequent loss of her arm.

Some in the trans community on X noted that the stuffed shark is actually a symbol of comfort for those in said community. A 2022 Newsweek article documented the rise in popularity of a similar looking stuffed shark named Blahaj that people can purchase at IKEA furniture stores.

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That’s a nice excuse, but as someone who knows how activists from all walks work, they don’t do anything without a purpose, except protest while knowing what they’re talking about.

I can’t say for certain, but one would assume that a trans activist protesting a woman who wants to keep sports separate knows her/his/their target. Wearing a mask to hide its identity doesn't help its case, either.

Activists, particularly on the left, are simply mean people. They convey that their intentions are good, but don’t dare disagree even a degree with them. They will do everything in their power — which is admittedly limited these days — to ruin your life.


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