Shooting Victim's Mother Embarrasses Austin City Council in Scathing Email: 'It was You...Who Defunded the Police'

Nick Kangadis | September 1, 2023
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You ever notice how in recent months — and even the last couple of years — you hear nothing from the left about how their narrative of defunding the police has contributed to the exponential increase in crime in medium to large cities? Their silence is deafening. And this case — to take a page out of their nonsensical meanderings — “silence is violence.” They have blood on their hands, but lack the ability to accept accountability for their agendas.

Well, one mother has called out the city council of a large city that has seen itself be degraded by the previously mentioned exponential increase in crime across the board.

Julia Kantor is the mother of the late Douglas Kantor, the late 25-year-old who was gunned down in the crossfire between two Killeen, Texas rival gangs while visiting from Michigan. She wrote a scathing email to the Austin City Council blaming their acquiescence to the defund the police crowd for her son’s death.

“It was you, the city council and others who defunded the police and welcomed these evil people with no regard for life to run and ruin your city,” Kantor wrote, according to Fox News.

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Kantor wrote that it’s the members of the council’s thirst for “political gain” that blinded them to the possible and eventual consequences for their actions.

“It's time you see what you have done to not only the victims like my son but also to our family and friends and your city," Kantor also said in the email. "Your irresponsible choices for political gain has put a target on the backs of Austin's citizens and all who visit.”

The “defund the police” zealots gained strength in numbers following the death of George Floyd, which triggered the Summer of Floyd that saw rioters attempt to — and in some cases were successful — destroy the aforementioned medium to large cities across the country.

Maybe if people didn’t engage in criminal activity, or even refrained from thinking they’re entitled to some kind of grace just because of the identity demographic they belong to, people like Douglas Kantor would still be alive today.

Then again, bowing and taking a knee to the mob seems to be the modus operandi of those funded by anti-American “philanthropists,” like George Soros.

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