Racist Doc Wants to 'Take' Part of White Men's Salaries & Give to Black Women

Nick Kangadis | February 2, 2024
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I’m acutely aware that there are racists within every segment of the population. Yes, even black people. But, I wasn’t aware that the majority of racist black people seem to be women — or at least they appear to be the most comfortable conveying their racism on TV (Joy Reid) and social media.

A woman who claims to be a doctor took to TikTok in a “Call to Action” for white men. She tells white men to donate part of their salaries to black women during Black History Month because of equity or some other bulls**t.

“Due to systemic and structural racism that black women have had to endure, they only make 64 cents to every dollar that you make,” the ‘doctor’ said, speaking to white men. “So, as a fitting start to Black History Month, I want to take what you will make today, multiply it by 64% and then take that difference and give it to some black women today.”

Come and get it, ya racist bastard. I would typically speak in nicer terms to a lady, but I didn’t see one in this video.

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“And black women,” this moron said finishing her video, “you know what to do.”

And what’s that? Is there a prescribed thing that black women do with money they don’t deserve and didn’t earn?

This woman is really oppressed, y’all. She’s so oppressed that she allegedly made her way through school all the way to becoming a doctor.

It’s 2024. The only racist in this scenario is you.


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