Milwaukee Public Schools Teaches Staff to 'Decenter Whiteness'

Marya Dunning | January 30, 2024
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While public schools are rife with grooming, incompetent staff, and underachieving students, Milwaukee’s public school system has gone after a different enemy: whiteness.

The school system created a 33-page guide on “best practices addressing discipline disproportionality through a positive educational community" and spoiler alert: it was all about race. The "guide" even included a video - hosted by a white British guy, no less - about the dangers of "whiteness," telling white people they should "think about the ways in which whiteness structures our lives and the impact that it has on others."

The video then hails the "ongoing bravery of the Black Lives Matter movement," the Marxist activist group responsible for violent riots that raged across the United States in 2020, leaving dozens of people dead, countless businesses burned and looted, and billions' worth of damage in their wake. 

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"Racism is a system which guides the priorities of the most powerful institutions," the guy claims - alongside, of course, stock footage of people holding up Trump campaign signs.

Seeing as a teacher’s aide in the school system was caught allegedly sexually abusing his own students last year, I would much rather they focused on identifying the presence of grooming.

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