#GetWokeGoBroke: WaPo Activist Journo Taylor Lorenz Laments Mass Establishment Media Layoffs

Nick Kangadis | January 25, 2024
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You gotta love it when alleged “journalists” who had previously doxxed others and engaged in misinformation only to call anyone that doesn’t fall in line with their ideological religion begin to lose it and not be able to understand why mass layoffs are happening in establishment media.

Sure it’s cliche at this point, but that’s doesn’t make “Get woke, go broke” any less true.

Washington Post columnist Taylor Lorenz, who was infamously accused of doxxing Libs of TikTok operator Chaya Raichik in 2022, as well as being an “alleged” purveyor of misinformation towards conservatives, posted a video complaining about the mass layoffs happenings across establishment media. Outlets like TIME, Sports Illustrated and the Los Angeles Times have laid off a large portion of their employees in recent weeks and months.

“I don’t think people understand how bad the world would be without journalists,” Lorenz ended her rant saying.

She’s absolutely right, though. The problem is that she thinks what the Washington (Com)Post, New York Times and other establishment outlets provide constitutes what could be considered as journalism. Sure, there are exceptions to the rule in those publications, but those articles aren’t the ones that they push on social media.

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And who knows if these layoffs aren’t just because of lost revenue as a result of people not trusting what they print anymore. Could it possibly be that these establishment outlets see AI as a substitute for having to pay the activists masquerading as “journalists?”

Time will tell, but using AI and passing it off as real people reporting real journalism is what got Sports Illustrated in trouble, which eventually resulted in the outlet basically ceasing to exist.

People like Lorenz can cry all they want about what they consider to be “journalism” taking multiple hits. But, when you deem everyone else’s journalism as misinformation that doesn’t fall in line with the prevailing establishment narratives  — or at the very least, a generous stretching of the truth — you can’t expect people to give your words credence when you’re the one dealing in the greatest form of misinformation yourselves.

Once again, #GetWokeGoBroke.

For Lorenz’s full rant, watch below:


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