Entitled Migrant in Italy Complains About FREE Living: No 'Pocket Money for Three Months!'

Nick Kangadis | November 20, 2023
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Imagine being so naturally entitled that you think you have the right to go into anyone’s house, take what you want, expect more and then complain when things aren’t up to your “lofty” standards. The migrants who have invaded Europe over the last 10 years — with the aid of the European Union (EU) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) — were supposedly fleeing their homeland for better lives away from conflict.

But what happens when those same migrants begin complaining about the FREE accommodations? Isn’t what you’re being given for FREE better than what you received where you came from?

That seems to be case, at least for one migrant, in Italy, according to a video posted to Twitter/X that was translated.

“Water is not good, food is not good, hotel is not good! We haven't received any pocket money for three months!” the migrant in the video stated.

You can be angry all you want…when you begin working for the things you’re being given for FREE. Until then, either shut your mouth or go back to where you came from and see how well that works out for you.

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You’re entitled to NOTHING in this life. Most people have to work for they have. You want “pocket money?” Even teenagers get jobs so they can have some pocket money in high school, or so they can save up to purchase a vehicle or something else like that.

And the hotel you’re allowed to stay in for free isn’t good enough, while tourists and locals aren’t allowed the same privilege that they have to pay for, makes you look like a spoiled child masquerading as an adult.

So for a grown ass man, who looks pretty fit and like he hasn’t missed a meal in a while, to act like a petulant child towards the country that took him in and funds his lazy way of life is sad and pathetic.

And, as noted in the caption of the post, the taxes from locals are paying for your entitlements.

Get over yourselves. Like I said, either get out or quit your b****in’.


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