'They are NOT Refugees!' Thousands of African 'Invaders' Storm Tiny Italian Island, No Women or Children in Sight

Nick Kangadis | September 19, 2023
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(Note: Video credit to compilation account on X - @RadioGenoa.)

The U.S. isn’t the country being invaded at the moment. The small Italian island of Lampedusa, an island with a reported population of 6,000, has seen an invasion of African migrants that reportedly numbers anywhere between 7,000 to 10,000 invaders.

One French journalist was told “not to film and interview immigrants because they admit on camera that they are only there for economic reasons and that they are not fleeing any war.”

There’s even video of African invaders shooting “nautical rockets” at Italian police.

Locals in Lampedusa are irate with the media, who portray the invaders as "refugees":

Here’s video of the invaders clashing with authorities in Lampedusa:

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If you notice, there are no women and children aboard the boats, nor in the video of the invasion of Lampedusa. These are not the actions of migrants seeking safety away from conflict. This is colonization — the very thing the left, who help these people break the law, claim to be against.

Some of the invaders have made their way to mainland Italy, with video reportedly showing three of the African migrants stealing necklaces off of local Italian girls.

If you don’t care about international news, shame on you. Europe was five to seven years ahead of the U.S. in terms of opening its borders to anyone and everyone that have no interest in the prosperity of European countries. And it's not just African migrants in Europe. A lot of that is beginning to be seen in the U.S. as well.

Just wait another couple of years. “Migrants” will get bored with taking advantage of the resources of big American cities and look to smaller areas to set up camp and take over.

This is a warning.