NFL Superbowl Star Russell Wilson Saw a Soldier Carrying His Bag Back to Coach on a Plane... And Wasn't Having It

Ben Graham | May 4, 2015

Russell Wilson is known to be one of classiest acts in the NFL. He’s also one of the most outspoken Christians in the NFL, as well. Well, last week he lived up to both of those reputations.

While on a flight with Alaska Airlines, Wilson spotted a soldier making his way toward the coach section of the plane. Wilson, being the awesome guy that he is, immediately upgraded the homebound warrior to a first-class seat. This soldier was so astonished by the kindness that he took to Twitter to tell everyone about it.

Wilson replied on Twitter, thanking the Army man for his service to this great nation.

It doesn’t matter what team you cheer for, you have to respect and really pull for a guy like this. Good job, Mr. Wilson. You’re a great example for not only the members of the NFL, but also all the men and women of America.