Netflix Flips the Script: Axes 'Anti-Racist' Projects as Company Stock Continues to Fall

Elise Ehrhard | May 20, 2022
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Say goodbye to "Anti-Racist Baby" and other unwatchable woke nonsense previously in the Netflix pipeline.

On Tuesday, Variety reported that Netflix is scrapping a slew of woke projects that were in the works at the streaming service.

The axed programs include the aforementioned animated "Anti-Racist Baby," a pre-school program based on the children's book by Critical Race Theory (CRT) huckster Ibram X. Kendi. 

Netflix can no longer afford to pretend any sane parent would put their little tyke in front of such a show.

Another Kendi creation dumped by Netflix is a documentary called "Stamped: Racism, Antiracism and You," which is aimed at teens and young adults. 

"Picking up projects like these to please the Black Lives Matter crowd runs the risk of offending some viewers after all the controversy over teaching critical race theory in schools. So they may have decided to avoid taking a hit on that," Media Research Center executive editor Tim Graham told Fox News Digital

"It's quite possible the shows would have ended up just as stilted and propagandistic as Kendi's books, especially the ‘Antiracist Baby’ book," Graham added. "This is probably a business decision more than a political decision. They would hesitate to pick up a kiddie show titled ‘All Lives Matter’ for fear that this would also alienate half the audience."

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Left-wing director and producer Ava DuVernay also found herself on the Netflix chopping block. DuVernay was slated to executive produce an animated "Wings of Fire," based off of the hugely successful children's book series about warring dragons.

DuVernay's previous work for Netflix includes the race-baiting Colin Kaepernick documentary, "Colin in Black and White." She is the sort of director that leftists pretend is "brilliant" while audiences turn away. Her recent CW 'superhero' show "Naomi," which lectured viewers about identity politics, tanked in the ratings after only one season. 

One can only imagine the ways DuVernay would have turned escapist kids books about battling dragons into some sort of guilt-tripping lecture on white supremacy.

Along with cancelling Kendi and DuVernay, Netflix is halting a film version of "With Kind Regards From Kindergarten." According to Variety, it's "a darker children’s book about two young friends who drift as one of them loses his imagination."

Well gosh, every parent wants their kindergartners to dive into feelings of darkness and fear of losing their imagination. Sounds like it would have been fun for the kiddos!

These are only the latest ditched projects that were greenlighted during a time when Netflix was apparently more than willing to kill its business. Netflix previously canned a feminist cartoon series created by annoying former duchess Meghan Markle. Nobody wants to watch cartoons created by insufferable feminists.

To further stop the bleeding, the company sent out a memo last week to employees making clear they will no longer tolerate cancel culture nonsense. (This was likely a response to employee attempts at cancelling Dave Chappelle for "transphobic" jokes.)

But many of the employees who got last week's memo will never get the chance to test it because Netflix fired another 150 employees on Tuesday.

Then Netflix stock tumbled another 7 percent on Wednesday. The company already faces a shareholder lawsuit by angry investors.

To top off the week, a study conducted by the research firm Antenna appeared on Thursday in the tech news site The Information, revealing that Netflix has seen a sharp rise in cancellations among long-standing subscribers, a sign of deep-seated losses.

At the rate Netflix's business is going, it could be this decade's version of Blockbuster Video if they fail to turn things around.