NE Patriots 'Deflate Gate' Overblown and All Because of the Jets

Corwin Parks | January 26, 2015
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Apparently this is “Deflate Gate” or “Ballgahzi” scandal is more about hating on the Pats and Belichick rather an actual scandal. If you are in any way shape or form an American Football fan then you will know what I am talking about. But what you probably haven't heard corroborates Coach Belichick’s science, as well as vindicates the New England Patriots of deflating the rules. 

 First off, Bill Nye, a Seahawks fan, couldn't find the Belichick’s science sound. Hmmm, I wonder why? However, the trusty CNET doesn't seem to agree with Bill’s logic, which is backed up by HeadSmart Labs, a group that “is developing innovative testing devices, products and procedures that will aid in reducing the 3.8 million sports-related concussions that are sustained each year in the U.S.”

Sorry Nye. 

Let’s take it a step further, according to Deadspin, the Pats were using the colts football before the end of the first half. To summarize:

We'd already learned that the Colts grew suspicious of the Patriots' footballs during their game back in November, and had alerted the NFL to their concerns. But two pieces of information revealed by Jackson in a conference call yesterday shed more light on how things went down in the AFC Championship: 1) Jackson did not personally notice anything wrong with the ball he intercepted, and 2) Officials took the Patriots' balls out of play in the first half, much earlier than had been previously reported.

Now that that has been said, lets move on. Deadspin hinted at the fact that the NFL was alerted to this back in November. Yahoo Sports is reporting today that the NFL decided to do a “sting operation” to catch the Pats in the act as said by Fox Sports.



Notice how Jay Glazer brought up the New York Jets and the Darrelle Revis “Tampering Charges”, well could this be how “Deflate Gate” really started? Comcast SportsNet seems to think so. Not only did CSNN report that the information given to the NFL about the Pats deflating footballs came as retaliation to the “tampering charges” but also the “2psi deflation” was actually found in one football and the other ten footballs were under inflated by about 1psi, which corroborates Bill Belichick’s internal findings. 

“As one league source has explained it to PFT, the football intercepted by Colts linebacker D’Qwell Jackson was roughly two pounds under the 12.5 PSI minimum.  The other 10 balls that reportedly were two pounds under may have been, as the source explained it, closer to one pound below 12.5 PSI.”

Then again, it doesn't matter what the findings are, "haters gonna hate".

Now, "we are on to Seattle." 

h/t Eric Scheiner

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