NBC's Craig Melvin Tweets 'Guide' For Reporters: 'Most Accurate' to Call Situation 'Protests,' 'Not Riots'


The media might as well just stop calling themselves "the media" and be done with it. Propaganda seems to be a more accurate term in describing the current state of "the media." When you basically direct your cohorts to call an event the opposite of what's actually happening in order to shape people's thinking of said event, you're propaganda.

On Thursday morning, not even 12 hours removed from the first night of rioting and looting in Minneapolis, Minnesota following the death of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police's hands, NBC News reporter and host Craig Melvin tweeted out a "guide" in reporting on the unrest in Minneapolis.

Melvin stated that NBC reporters should only refer to the rioting and looting going on as "protests," because it's the "most accurate" way to describe the events.

I can't even anymore. Folks, you know my stance on the media - stop watching, listening or believing anything from them. It only causes the very unrest they're trying to downplay. What happened to George Floyd should NOT have happened as far as we know. But that's not an excuse to harm the people of a community because you're angry. There are better ways to handle certain situations, and this isn't one of them.

But, nothing to see here since it's just a "protest" and not a riot as Melvin said.

H/T: Daily Caller

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