Minneapolis is Burning: Looting & Rioting Take Center Stage After George Floyd's Death


(Headline Image: Twitter/@maxnesterak/Screenshot from video)

Chaos has taken over in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the wake of the death of black man George Floyd while in police custody earlier in the week. Looting and rioting have taken hold in the area following outrage at the controversial way Floyd lost his life.

Video has been surfacing from Wednesday evening throughout the morning hours on Thursday. There's no word right now whether the rioters are actually from the area or moved in from other areas once the protests turned into looting and rioting.

The situation has become so bad that Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey is reportedly calling in the National Guard to help in protecting the people in the city and the protesters that remain peaceful.

KSMP reporter Karen Scullin tweeted video of some of the chaos, confrontations outside the 3rd Precinct of the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) and from outside a local Target that occurred Wednesday evening:




Reporter Max Nesterak of the local Minnesota Reformer tweeted out an image, along with video, of the fires that were started during the riots:



Nesterak also interviewed a couple of armed men who said they support the protests but not the looting:

According to video from Nesterak, here is the aftermath of the riots seen on Thursday morning:


This is a very fluid situation that seems to have subsided for the time being. 

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