Mississippi Mom Sues School For Not Letting Her Trans Kid Wear a Dress To Graduation

Sarah Merly | May 25, 2023
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L.B. Brown, a recent graduate of Harrison Central High School, was born a biological male. During high school, however, he regularly wore dresses and makeup to school, even enhancing his bust to make him appear more like a woman. When the graduation ceremony came around, however, the principal and school district superintendent asked him to “dress like a boy" - no dresses allowed.

Given the track record of woke education news stories, we might expect the parents to be on the side of truth, defending their children’s innocence. In Gulfport, Mississippi, though, the narrative changed. This time, L.B.’s mother, Samantha Brown, sued the high school.

“When we looked at that policy, under our impression, my daughter identifies as female every day of her life,” said Ms. Brown. “She dresses in feminine clothing every day of her life.”

According to WLOX News, Brown claimed in federal court that the school discriminated against her son. The judge, however, sided with the Mississippi high school. Thus, L.B. Brown refused to walk during the May 20 ceremony. 

“Me going to graduation in what they asked me to wear would be me telling them that it’s OK, and it’s not. It would just feel like I was shadowed and tainted by bigotry, hate,” said Brown. “My graduation, it’s the start of a new life, a better life.”

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In a sense, Brown’s lawsuit demonstrates the state of the woke education culture war more clearly than did, for instance, the stories coming from Loudoun County shortly before Governor Youngkin’s election. With the latter, conservatives could feel encouraged that mothers and fathers weren’t letting go of parental responsibility just yet. We were thankful for the evidence showing that the government could never properly take on that responsibility. The Mississippi case thus stands as a strong warning, as a sign that we must embolden parents to stand for truth, else they have less common sense than our government.