Comedian Alex Stein Mocks Target's 'Tuck Friendly' Pride Swimwear: 'Extra Crotch Coverage!'

Nick Kangadis | May 24, 2023
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If there’s something to be done that would embarrass most people by doing it, but most people wish they could do it because it shoves a narrative back in the face of the increasingly strange establishment, conservative comedian and host of “Prime Time with Alex Stein” on Blaze TV, Alex Stein, will do it. And the crazy part is, before you even have the thought of it, he’s probably already done it.

In the wake of the news that Target stores will be carrying “women’s” bathing suit that are “tuck friendly” for “trans women” in honor of pride month coming up in June, Stein decided he would head to the big box store and see just how “tuck friendly” their “tuck friendly” swimsuits really are.

“We’re at Target checking out their tuck friendly pride collection,” Stein said in the video. “That’s right guys. Extra crotch coverage!”

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“Thank you so much @Target for helping me Tuck my Junk!” Stein wrote in the caption of a video tweet Tuesday evening.

So if you’re a man who likes to wear women’s style bathing suits, now you can! Actual women don’t need “extra crotch coverage.” Just saying.


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