Teacher Allegedly Offered to Take 'Trans' 10-Year-Old from Family

Marya Dunning | January 31, 2024
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Did somebody say, “okay, groomer”?

Moms for Liberty shared an article from City Journal detailing how a teacher allegedly groomed a 10-year-old female student into identifying as a boy, causing the girl’s family to flee to India.

The teacher, identified as Mrs. A, worked for Olympia, Washington’s Centennial Elementary School. According to a coworker, Mrs. A was constantly giving special attention to certain students, “almost always girls of diverse ethnicities.”

Mrs. A grew close to the girl, identified by the name “Tia,” and allegedly convinced her that, because she was complaining about her traditional Indian dress, she must be a boy.

“She would be sitting next to her when she was teaching,” said Tia’s classmate. 

“She would be near her at recess. They had a lot of private conversations.”

Then came the emails. 

“Make sure this email is deleted too when we are done bc otherwise when your mom looks, you will be outed instantly,” one read.

“I was also serious I would take you into my own home anytime you need,” said another.

At a certain point, Tia’s mental health began to deteriorate. She cried that she no longer wanted to be a boy, but that she was afraid that Mrs. A would no longer like her.

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After confronting Mrs. A, the family fled to Oregon. They stayed there briefly before flying to India.

Horrifying as it may be, this is likely far from the only case of its kind - social media shows many teachers posting TikToks about how “queer-affirming” they are as can be viewed in the video above.

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