Louis Farrakhan: 'What Have I Done To Make Jewish People Hate Me?'


Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, whose hatred of Jews is even more palpable than his open disdain for America, has actually had the gall to ask, “What have I done to make Jewish people hate me?”

Farrakhan posed the laughably ridiculous question during a speech at the Saviours’ Day conference in Chicago late last month.

Here’s a clip he tweeted out, presumably in seriousness. Try not to choke on the audacity.


Well, let’s see.

He’s called Jews “wicked deceivers of the American people” who “have sucked their blood.” 

He hailed anti-Israeli terrorist group Hezbollah as “freedom fighters.”

He’s openly praised and defended Hitler, a man who systemically tortured and murdered roughly 6 million innocent Jews during the Holocaust.

“The Jews don’t like Farrakhan, so they call me Hitler. Well, that’s a good name. Hitler was a very great man,” Farrakhan once famously said.

“You see everybody always talk about Hitler exterminating six million Jews. That’s right. But don’t nobody ever ask what did they do to Hitler,” he added.

The left-leaning outlet Vox has called out Farrakhan for his most recent anti-Semitic speeches (which was attended by Tamika Mallory, one of the founders of the Women’s March):

During the speech, Farrakhan made several anti-Semitic comments, including saying that “the powerful Jews are my enemy,” according to CNN. The Anti-Defamation League notes that Farrakhan also argued that Jewish people control the media and use that influence to increase the number of gay and transgender individuals in the US, said Jewish people control the US government, and claimed the FBI — under Jewish influence — pushed marijuana onto black men to “feminize” them, in addition to a number of other comments.

“White folks are going down,” Farrakhan said during the speech. “And Satan is going down. And Farrakhan, by God’s grace, has pulled the cover off of that Satanic Jew, and I’m here to say your time is up, your world is through.”

Even the extreme-left Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled Farrakhan “an anti-Semite who routinely accuses Jews of manipulating the U.S. government and controlling the levers of world power” and “blames Jews for the slave trade, plantation slavery, Jim Crow, sharecropping and general black oppression.”

So there you have it. Other than labeling them as "satanic," blaming them for all the ills of the world, praising their oppressors and calling for their race to be wiped from the face of the Earth, Farrakhan's been nothing but kind to the Jews.

And on next week's edition of Nonsense Land, we'll be discussing why North Korean Dictator Kim Jung Un is a delightfully misunderstood peach who just doesn't want his people to get fat.

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