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London Mayor Moves To Ban Junk Food Ads On Public Transit...For the Kids


It just wasn’t enough to ban pocketknives and screwdrivers from being carried in public. Now, London Mayor Sadiq Khan is proposing a ban on junk food ads on London’s public transportation systems.

You read that right. The Mayor of London, formerly known as a…well, at least semi-free nation of basic common sense, is proposing a ban on stuff like Lays potato chip posters and Skittles billboards from being hung on the walls of the city’s subway system. For the kids....or something.

The Mayor of London @SadiqKhan proposes a ban on junk food adverts on the entire Transport for London network

— Sky News (@SkyNews) May 11, 2018

As ridiculous as this crap never fails to be, it’s hardly a surprise. Ironically, before he banned scissors from being carried outside of one’s home, Khan previously led an all-out assault on an ad featuring a woman in a bikini, afraid it would body-shame fat people.

So just to be clear: you can’t hang an ad that features a healthy person, because it might make fat people feel bad. But you also can’t hang an ad featuring junk food, because it might lead to a person getting fat in the first place.

On second thought, perhaps the only ads that should be acceptable in London are posters declaring that “Big Brother is watching you.”

Orwell would be so proud.

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