Liberals Accuse W.H. Attorney Of Signaling to White Supremacists at Kavanaugh Hearing

Brittany M. Hughes | September 4, 2018
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As if the myraid left-wing anti-Kavanaugh talking points haven’t been enough, leftist writer liberals are now targeting Trump’s SCOTUS pick for a brand new reason – by accusing a woman sitting behind him of making white supremacist hand-gestures during his confirmation hearing.



Don’t believe me? Here it is, read it and laugh hysterically:

What the lynch mob is referring to is a hand gesture that used to mean “OK” but has somehow become known for having ties to the white supremacist movement. And the woman in question is Zina Bash, a Mexican-born White House attorney who works on immigration policy.

And it looks like the left really stepped in it this time, considering, as The Daily Beast's Lachlan Markay pointed out on Twitter, Bash is also the descendent of Polish Jews.

Of course, it escaped the left that this image could simple be exactly as it appears: a woman resting her hand on her arm because she’s bored to tears listening to Sen. Blumenthal drone on and on and on about….actually, I’m not entirely sure. I dozed off.

Either way, if the left wants to target the Mexican-born descendent of Polish-Jewish immigrants for her supposed neo-Nazism, here are a few others who should probably be rounded up and castigated for hand-signaling to their own skinhead friends.

Barack Obama:


Pope Francis:


Hillary Clinton:


Mel Gibson (TWICE!)


So get on it, Handmaids. Those alarms aren't going to ring themselves.