Lefty Writer Blasts 'Trolls' For 'Celebrating the Killing of a Trans Person' After Cops Take Down Covenant Shooter

Brittany M. Hughes | March 30, 2023
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Another leftist writer with more outrage than brains posted yet another horrible hot take following the massacre of three 9-year-olds and three adults at a price Christian elementary school in Nashville by a transgender terrorist.

Alejandra Carabello, a Slate writer who goes by “@Esqueer” on Twitter, blasted “trolls” for “celebrating the killing of a trans person” after the 28-year-old gender-confused woman who shot up the Covenant School was herself shot and killed by police during her rampage.

“Nashville PD just released bodycam footage and trolls are already using to celebrate the killing of a trans person,” Carabello posted, along with a screenshot of another Twitter user who’d written the caption “GENDER NEUTRALIZED” above a screenshot from the body cam footage of the responding officers who’d taken down the shooter.

While mocking death may be in poor taste as a general rule, it’s hard for me to find it in my heart to feel sorry over the shooting of a murderer who’d just gunned down three young children and their teachers - which I’d hardly classify as merely the “killing of a trans person.” And yet the left has spent the past several days coming out in droves in defense of the trans community, turning gender-confused people into the real victims while the bodies of the children shot Monday lie cold in a morgue.

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Some leftists, including the hacks over at Newsweek, even tacitly blamed “anti-trans” laws against sexualizing and mutilating children for why the shooting may have happened, while others focused their anger against anyone who’d “misgendered” the killer.

This is why we can’t have nice things - or, as it turns out, a country not filled with crazy people.