Kirk Cameron: ‘The World is Falling Apart’ But ‘We are the Light’

Mark Judge | October 5, 2017
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Actor and Christian activist Kirk Cameron took to Facebook on Wednesday to deliver a message of hope and inspiration to what he called a “divided” world.

Cameron, who on October 24 is hosting “Revive Us 2,” a spiritual meeting presented by Fathom Events and simulcast in theaters across the nation, said the following:

There’s so much going on in the world today that’s so depressing. We seem to be so divided. With everything going in North Korea, the flag, the NFL, we’ve got natural distress and the shootings Vegas, it just seems like the world’s falling apart. I find people are ready to throw in the towel. They’re ready to just hide in a corner and give up in terms of transforming culture. The question we should ask is, Is it time to check out or is it time to lean in?

I think you know my answer to that question. It’s time to lean in. My goodness, we have kids in this world. Now’s not to the time to check out and let it deteriorate. It’s time too rebuild and to restore and to nourish and protect. So who are the best people to do that. You and me. Moms and dads who care. Husbands and wives who want our marriage and our life to picture of God’s love for his bride church.

Jesus said it so perfectly. He called us two things as members of the family of faith. He said you care the light of the world. The implication there is pretty clear, If you see darkness, the only thing that dispels darkness is light. We are the light, if the light leans in, darkness goes away. Jesus also said, You are the salt of the earth…Salt is a preservative…We are the salt of the earth, if you see decay, step in, don’t check out.

Let’s lean in and ask God to increase our effectiveness as salt and light in the world.


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