New Hampshire High School High Jumper Wins Girls' State Title...As A Biological Male

John Simmons | February 13, 2024
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We regret to inform you that we have yet another example of a biological men ruining women’s sports.

Somersworth High School sophomore Savanna Comeau participated in the NHIAA Division II championships at Plymouth State University on Sunday. She cleared the 5’2” hurdle, which was two inches higher than any other competitor in the field.

All except for one. 

Kearsarge High School sophomore Maelle Jacques matched Comeau’s jump, and ended up winning the event because she scored better than Comeau in previous jumps.

The only problem with this is that Jacques isn’t actually a “she.” Jacques is a biological male posing as a woman. Once again, the transfer worldview has enabled troubled individuals to corrupt the competition integrity of women’s sports.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Jacques has done this. For the past two years, Jacques has competed in - and regularly won - many girl's track and field events because of his inherent biological advantage over females. 

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You’d think that after two years this, the school district would do something to stop this.

In past years, maybe. But in our current cultural climate, not a chance. Kearsarge Regional School District superintendent Winfried Feneberg School said

“Each student-athlete has the right to compete in the activity of their choice. The New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association’s stance on this issue is clear: Denying that opportunity is a violation of equal rights afforded under state and federal law. Further, we believe that limiting access to any activity violates our core mission and vision, which are grounded in supporting every student and student-athlete’s right to pursue their goals and interests.”

Well what about the goals and interests of the biological women that want to excel in their sports without having a biological male exert an unfair advantage over them? That seems a bit ridiculous to me.

The state's politicians aren’t much better either. Rep. Timothy Horrigan - who’s a liberal - works to oppose bills protecting women’s sports, and said that these situations aren’t important because they involve “obscure events:”

“We don’t even know if she’s actually trans, but if she is, that’s certainly a very unfair thing [to keep her from competing]. A lot of these cases, they are pretty obscure competitions that normally sports fans wouldn’t be paying much attention to.”

That is one of the most brazen statements from a politician I've ever heard. First of all, we do know for a fact Jacques is trans. Second, his job as a politician is to provide justice in any issue he faces, regardless of how “obscure” it is. Using that as a cop out is as arrogant as it is irresponsible.

Fortunately, people like Riley Gaines exist, and she blasted anyone who has sat idly by and enabled this situation to happen for so long.

Citizens of the Granite State should emulate Gaines’ mentality and take up the fight so that women like Comeau don’t have to face this again. 

Because it’s painfully obvious that morons like Feneberg and Horrigan won’t do that.

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