Military-Unfriendly: MA Uses Hotel Rooms To House Illegals Over Service Families For Army vs. Navy Game

John Simmons | October 5, 2023
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The Army vs. Navy football game is one of the most anticipated college football matches of each season, drawing thousands of loyal supporters to whatever venue that hosts the game. However, there could be a dropoff in how many fans attend this year’s matchup in Foxborough, MA on December 9, thanks to illegal immigrants.

Many supporters cannot make hotel reservations near Gillette Stadium because a number of rooms in the area are dedicated to housing foreigners who are here illegally. Mark Mansbach, a travel agent with Hillsdale Travel, said that 70 of the 400 rooms he has helped book for veterans have been reassigned to house immigrants.

“I have enough rooms to cover some of the people. Some people are looking around, but pricing is very high,” Mansbach said. “For many, the issue is safety … they are questioning the safety of remaining hotels located near those that are now filled with migrants. Lots of questions by my clients, and most hotels are scrambling to come up with safety protocols.”

While there are still some available for veterans, the fact that any rooms are being given to foreigners over American patriots is disgusting.

The Bay State has a huge migrant crisis on its hands, thanks to its status as a “right to shelter” state. As a result, so many immigrants have flocked to the commonwealth and taken up so much emergency housing (like hotels) that Gov. Maura Healey declared a state of emergency in August.

But the good news for veterans is that Healey sends her deepest condolences.

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"I was very concerned and troubled to hear that any veteran may have had their rooms canceled," Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey said Wednesday.

You can hear the PR-induced insincerity oozing from these comments.

It’s disheartening that the families of those who are giving their lives to defend America can’t get a room because the state has overextended itself to help those who don’t belong here. Massachusetts is giving priority status to the wrong group of people, something State Rep. Steven Xiahros noted on Wednesday.

"How ironic. One of the biggest football games in America at Gillette Stadium, the home of the New England Patriots, that we can't find rooms for people that have fought for and sacrificed for our country because we have people living in rooms that are not from this country," Xiarhos said.

So if you see a lot of empty stands in Gillette Stadium in early December, you’ll know exactly why it happened. But hey, at least Healey and Massachusetts won’t be labeled as xenophobic - even if they disregard true Americans in the process.

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