LeBron Gets Called Out for Sitting During the National Anthem at Son's Collegiate Debut

John Simmons | December 13, 2023
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Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James chose to sit for the playing of the national anthem during his son’s collegiate debut on Saturday.

The James family showed up to watch Bronny make his first appearance for the USC Trojans since he suffered cardiac arrest in July. Naturally, a family with that level of notoriety got courtside seats for the game against Long Beach State, who ended up beating the Trojans in overtime. 

However, they picked a rather strange time to find their seat at the Galen Center. During the national anthem, LeBron, his son Bryce, daughter Zhuri, and two of Bronny’s Sierra Canyon teammates (Bryce Cofield and Jayden Alexander), took their courtside seats. A camera crew captured their every move.

Luca Evans, the reporter who captured the above video, said that LeBron and his entourage entered during the national anthem to avoid causing a stir, something they've done in the past. So let’s make that concession and say LeBron doesn’t want all the attention on him and is avoiding more attention than necessary. That’s perfectly fine, they likely wanted to enjoy Bronny’s game with a relatively low profile.

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Why in the world did he not choose to stand for the national anthem after he got situated? He’s obviously got a history of not caring about the national anthem and using it as a way to protest for “social justice.” But even so, could he not have stood at attention for the half of the song he was present for?

Many on X rightfully got displeased by the fact that LeBron sat for the “Star Spangled Banner” well after he and his friends took their seats.



At some point LeBron’s party has to compromise. Enter with a low profile if you deem it necessary, but get situated quickly and pay as much respect for America as you can. It’s not a hard thing to ask.


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