Love Wins Again! LGBTQ Mafia Glad a Christian School Lost a Basketball Game

John Simmons | December 12, 2023
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A large contingent of people are rejoicing that the Oak Hills Christian College’s (OHCC) men's basketball team lost a game, simply because they have countercultural views on the LGBTQ agenda.

The Division II Wolfpack played the North Dakota State Bison on Sunday, and it was a night to forget for the visitors. With a final score of 108-14 (that’s not a typo), OHCC tied the NCAA record for largest loss to a Division 1 school. During the 94-point blowout, only three players scored a point for the Wolfpack.

You’d expect NDSU fans to be excited for their team - that’s standard and to be expected. But far too many people rejoiced that OHCC lost for reasons unrelated to basketball.

Like its name suggests, OHCC is a Christian school. As such, they hold Bible-honoring views on human sexuality. A statement on their website reads in part:

We have the conviction that all sexual unions outside of marriage as thus defined are sinful…both heterosexual and homosexual situations.

We affirm that God’s original and ongoing intent and action is the creation of humanity manifest as two distinct sexes, male and female. However, due to sin and human brokenness, our experience of our sex and gender is not always that which God the Creator originally designed. We further affirm God’s capacity to heal and transform our brokenness. With this foundational understanding of creation, sin and redemption, we do not affirm the resolution of tension between one’s biological sex and one’s experience of gender by the adoption of a psychological identity discordant with one’s birth sex. Nor do we affirm attempts to change one’s given biological birth sex via medical intervention in favor of the identity of the opposite sex or of an indeterminate identity.

This is pretty powerful stuff, and beautifully written. Basically, the school holds that you shouldn't do things in your sex life that the Bible would characterize as sinful. This should be expected, because - once again - it's a Christian school. Additionally, nowhere do we see any condemnation for those living the LGBT lifestyle, but an offer of redemption, healing, and a fresh start. OHCC’s response to these matters is unapologetic, yet grace-filled and inviting.

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But if you’re a rabid progressive that lacks the ability to think with nuance, the school's stance will outrage you. Unfortunately, there’s more than a few of those types of people on X. Predictably, they rejoiced at OHCC’s fate on the basketball court primarily because they didn't like its stance on LGBT matters.

Sometimes, I feel bad for people who've been infected with such negativity thanks to leftist ideology.

OHCC said in their statement they expect their students and faculty to honor the Bible with their conduct. But because these beliefs aren’t mainstream, countless people (like the ones above) aggressively try to silence them, without giving a good reason as to why. They’ll claim people at OHCC and those who think like them are unloving, judgmental, or narrow-minded.

But are they really? OHCC has standards of behavior they want people to follow to be a part of the institution. Doesn’t every school, business, country, and people group (including the LGBT community) do that, either explicitly or implicitly? Why makes OHCC different?

I guess believing in a worldview that’s truly loving makes you the most hated people group in America. What an upside-down world we live in.

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