Blue Jays Pitcher Uses Hunting to Teach 'Important Life Lesson' to His Son

John Simmons | October 18, 2023
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Vegetarians, vegans, and PETA supporters’re about to get triggered.

Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Erik Swanson spends his offseasons hunting and fishing, mostly in his home state of North Dakota. But, he often doesn’t go alone. Swanson takes his son Toby on many of his outdoor expeditions, and the MLB star does so to impart wisdom on his kid.

"I am an avid hunter/fisherman and I will always be," Swanson told Fox News. "For the people who are asking me why I have my son with me, I am teaching him a very important life lesson…the beef, venison, poultry, fish, fruits and vegetables all come from somewhere, not just the grocery store.”

But isn’t hunting an activity for rednecks who have no sympathy for animals? Yeah, Swanson doesn’t buy that garbage narrative and uses hunting for valuable purposes that he wants to show his son.

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"Now when he hunts and he harvests his own food, he knows exactly where his food is coming from and what is in it,” he continued. “Next time you go to the grocery store or restaurant and order something, remember that it had to come from somewhere. Know what you are eating! Safe hunting to all!"

Sounds like hunting is a great alternative to food sourcing, instead of simply relying on the junk-filled meats filling most shelves in grocery stores. If he keeps going with his dad, Toby will learn many lessons in being self-sufficient, an outdoorsman and food sourcing, which most Americans don’t understand.

And he’ll probably keep having fun, too. Swanson appears to be an excellent marksman.


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Happy hunting, Swanson boys! Keep up the good work, regardless of what vegans may think about your hobby.

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