James O'Keefe Confronts Reporter Who Called Him a Joke

Zach Montanaro | November 14, 2016
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The election might be over, but James O’Keefe is still finding ways to get into the news.

On election day O’Keefe, of Project Veritas fame, walked up to Daily Beast reporter Olivia Nuzzi and introduced himself, and that’s where things got awkward.

“Hi, I’m James O’Keefe,” he said as he shook Nuzzi’s hand. Nuzzi acknowledged him but looked away soon after.

“So how do you feel right now? I wanted to turn the tables a little bit,” he pressed her, before an unidentified man tried to come to Nuzzi’s defense.

The awkwardness stems from the fact that, a few months earlier, Nuzzi wrote an article seeming to mock O’Keefe when he showed a pool of reporters a video claiming to be proof Clinton campaign officials broke election law.

Instead of reporting on the video O’Keefe was showing, Nuzzi wrote an article alleging O’Keefe probably broke the same election law O’Keefe was calling the Clinton campaign out on.

According to Nuzzi’s article, FEC law says that campaigns can’t accept donations from foreign nationals. The article also pointed out (correctly) that the same law says that individuals can’t provide assistance to foreign nationals by acting as a conduit, or use a fake name when donating, which O’Keefe’s reporter had done.

When asked at the time if she had a question, Nuzzi asked, “Is this a joke? It feels like a prank.” She repeated the same line of questioning when asked if she had a follow-up question later.

Nuzzi didn’t say much this time around. When repeatedly asked by O’Keefe how she was feeling right now, Nuzzi simply responded that she was “just doing her job.” The unidentified man quickly added that she was “very good at it,” to which O’Keefe agreed with. He started to seemingly compliment the pool of reporters that were next to Nuzzi, but Nuzzi walked away before he finished.

“Well, Olivia Nuzzi does not want to talk to me, she walked away,” O’Keefe commented. “Some emotions running high here.”

To be fair to Nuzzi, it would probably be surprising to anyone to be confronted by someone you wrote about by having that person press a camera in her face. On the other hand, if Nuzzi doesn’t feel like she could defend herself against O’Keefe other than just saying she was “doing her job,” then maybe she needs to take a look inside herself.

You can see the video O’Keefe posted below:

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