'Inconvenient' Reviews - Gore Sequel Panned by Critics

Mark Judge | July 25, 2017
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“An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power,” the sequel to Al Gore’s 2006 climate change film “An Inconvenient Truth,” is getting iced by critics.

The film opens on Friday. Some early notices:

Nick Allen at rogerebert.com

The documentary follow-up proves to be less about global warming than propping up a hero awkwardly desperate to captivate audiences again like he did eleven years ago. It's like the "Zoolander 2" of global warming documentaries….Adding a bit of cynicism to that title, "An Inconvenient Sequel" just wants to recreate the hits of the first time. But this return seems driven by even more vanity, with Gore unaware of how much he's talking about himself and not global warming.

The Village Voice:

The film itself is a mess....We follow Gore as he gives his speeches and speeds around the world talking to officials, preparing for the COP 21 climate conference held in Paris in late 2015. There’s a lot to go over, of course: summarizing points from the original film, talking about progress and setbacks, meting with world leaders. Sometimes, it slows down and comes to life. 

A.A. Dowd at the AV Club:

Maybe it was just the film itself, which plays more like a tribute to its mastermind’s indomitable spirit than an inspirational rallying cry…The sequel often plays, strangely and by contrast, like a victory lap. Much of its running time is devoted to Gore basking in adoration and talking about the victories the movement has made in the last decade. The man has certainly earned his hosannas; whether they required a feature-length showcase, complete with scenes of Gore taking phone calls or shaking his head at some dopey skeptic talking nonsense on TV, is debatable. What’s more, the election of a proudly vocal climate denier to the White House really throws a monkey wrench in Gore’s message of positivity: Even with a late-breaking epilogue that acknowledges the dire news of a Trump presidency, the film feels—as of, oh, today—sadly outdated. Talk about inconvenient.